Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 20!!

In the morning the party found themselves at the entrance of the ruined city at the base of a mountain with a stranger in front of them. The party consisted of Astra the changeling wizard of invention, Drixel the barbarian rogue, Carrososa the turtle life cleric, Japachi the lizark folk druid, Chance the cat folk ranger, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Stone the warmage warforged, Keeper the Aasimir druid, Braa formerly known as Awesome Bro the harpy rogue, Kiva harpy swashbuckler, and Mai the satyr bard. The group did their usual preliminary questions to make sure Astra was not evil or out to kill them. 

Meanwhile inside the giant adamantine pyramid Striker the raven folk ranger noticed light for the first time in a while, his unknowing jailer gave away plot details revealing mega plots. Striker took this moment to escape from the pyramid and make his way across the city proper. The rest of the group with new friend Astra could hear and see strange large sized figures patrolling inside the city, the new stealth crew flew up to investigate while Astra walked over to see if they were friendly. She quickly found out that the grave elementals were indeed not friendly but evil skull filled dirt monsters. 

The party took quick action as six of these creatures charged the front line at the gates. Astra started the fray with a quick fire bolt and hiding around the corner, Drixel moved up closer to the pack, trying to divert the monsters from hitting squishy opponents, Carrososa used guiding bolt to highlight one of the elementals, Japachi used her calling card spell MOON BEAM, Chance tore into the guided monster with two arrows, and then the elemental swarm moved, throwing wild punches in the parties direction as well as a few ranged skull attacks as well. Kadence swung in, charging one of the leading elementals, Stone used fire bolt, Keeper cast fairy fire (the play of the game) granting all of his allies advantage on all attacks against the elementals, Braa used his short bow to greatly hamper one of the elementals with a well placed shot, Kiva ran up to one of the elementals and held her attack, and Mia turned Kiva into a dinosaur again, triggering Kiva’s attack on the elementals. The first round was tricky but quicker than normal. 

The melee devolved into area of effect spells and spiritual guardians sealing the fates of elementals that tried to pursue foes on the map as well as stationary problems. Astra misty stepped away from the melee to try and light up a wall of fire but went with a fire bolt instead. The elementals got in a few good hits on the party while getting battered with multiple barbarians, dinosaur attacks, and divine energy thwapping upside their skulls. There was a moment where Stone was casting haste and a deathlock came out of hiding to attempt to counter spell it but failed so very badly, the spell went off and the dinosaur was much faster. The undead fled with magic. After a few round the elementals were broken and Striker, the wayward ranger ambled back up to the group. He animatedly pantomimed to Mai that there is a three headed skull man with a dragon. The party was unphased and prepared themselves to raid the pyramid, they first had to cross the rest of the city but at least they knew what they might be facing. 

They healed up a bit while they walked. At the giant crack in the mountain the group saw two more of the deathlocks in the opening on guard duty. They looked bored out in the sunlight. Astra used wall of fire and started roasting the undead, which took their turn to get out of the flames. The party descended on the deathlocks like starving hounds. The undead were able to dismiss the magical dinosaur in the room and restrain her with unholy energy and get off a few other blasts of blight and eldritch blast but eventually were both picked up and held in the wall of fire by the barbarians. Screams of pain echoed across the dead city and through the flames, bouncing off of beautiful black marble floors and walls of the adamantine pyramid. Victorious, the party gathered up and made ready to enter the tomb of Mordel. 

With two sessions left, what awaits our heroes?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 19

The party of Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the artificer harpy, Stone the warforged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Limbsmasher the goliath wizard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler, Keeper the Druid, Awesome Bro the other harpy rogue, Mai the satyr bard, Drixel the cat folk barbarian rogue, the gnome druid, and Kroska the turtle person life cleric set about making camp for the night. Kadence and the familiar Tiny took first watch when Kadence noticed movement and the sounds of digging coming from near their camp. She came across a black scaled dragon, emaciated and undead digging among the dead trees. She backed away and her hooves scuffed a rock, causing the undead dragon to notice the group.

Combat was initiated and the party was quick to move against the dragon, throwing spells and attacks its way. The beast called out, howling to unseen allies and followed with a blast of acid breath, hitting a few of the party members. Then the gnome cast call lightning and blasted the dragon often, Jewell used her eldritch blasts to move the dragon around the battlefield, Yucatrill got off a few good shots from his thunder cannon, Kroska was able to bring a few of his allies back from terrible wounds, Limbsmasher dropped some walls of fire and fireballs on the dragon, Keeper attempted to faire fire the dragon but it leapt out of the way, Awesome Bro shot a few arrows from a relatively safe distance, Kadence got up real close to the dragon, Kiva got closer to the dragon holding her attack, Stone hasted Kiva, Mai cast polymorph on Kiva turning her into a tyrannosaurus and used his inspiration to send Kiva to the dragon flailing with multiple attacks, and Drixel ran up and stabbed at the dragon.

The dragon, having taken some grievous blows fought back, eventually took wing and knocked a few of the party prone and flew off. A second dragon appeared with a rider, a deathlock. The two of them laid into the party with breath attacks and attempted spells, Stone using counterspell to great effect. The first dragon eventually fell to the combined attacks of the party and the rider of the second dragon was forced to laugh at a bad joke. The dragon recognized its master was unhinged and fled from its attackers. Around this time the party heard odd splashes from the distance and a large breaking of dead trees. A long dead kraken was pulling its way out of the water by using the trees. It got near the party and unleashed a long line of lightning, catching a few unaware. Kiva attempted to run from the kraken but was grabbed by its tentacle and slammed on the ground.

The party attacked the kraken and finished off the dragon, its rider had regained composure and teleported away. The kraken was forced to flee, having fallen victim to a bard and the party swung but barely scratched its hide. Kiva was slammed again and was placed inside the kraken’s mouth, its undead beak bruising her frail form. The party came up with numerous plans while blasting the kraken, the gnome fled, leaving a fog cloud behind, having had enough of this drama. Kiva was able to escape the beak and stab the kraken, fleeing after the wound was dealt. She made it to her companions, who set forth more magic against the beast and got into better tactical positions. Kiva, Keeper, and Kroska all happened to be standing in a line and the kraken seized the opportunity, blasting its last line of lighting before it moved up to Stone. Limbsmasher threw a wall of fire on the kraken and Kadence finished the job. The party took a deep breath, healed each other back from certain death, and rested in a tiny magical hut, hopefully to be safe for the rest of the night. 

Dwarf One Shot!!

We had a game store session the night before Thanksgiving with five players, everyone else had returned home or traveled elsewhere for the night. I brought out a dusty one-shot adventure I wrote a few years ago concerning a party of dwarves leaving their clan hold to gain glory. Each player chose a premade dwarf, we had a fighter, cleric of knowledge, druid, sorcerer, and a ranger. I prewarned each player that some of the encounters might be a bit difficult only having the five party members but reminded them we had a pile of other characters just in case. 

Their mission was to use their map to find their way to a neighboring clan hold that had gone silent, and to get there before the dwarven army that left them behind. The group descended the airducts and found themselves in a chamber with goblins and combat ensued, the party was able to defeat them with only a few scary hits and found some healing mushrooms. They made their way down an adjoining tunnel and found an underground highway lined with giant mushrooms. They looked north and south trying to figure out which way to go and remembered the map pointed south. They encountered strange reptilian wolves that looked trained and could hear boots behind them quite a way off with more barks following. They fought off the three wolves and made their way to a strange stone mushroom that had a secret door behind it, letting them escape before the hobgoblins could find them. They chose to rest at this point, having closed the door behind them and finding thousands of stairs ahead of them. 

After resting the party went up the stairs, finding themselves raising higher within the mountain range than they expected. They found an exit, but the sight they could see from their hidden wall was not promising, there were three half ogres sitting around their fire. The cleric decided to call out to them that he was their god, and one of the three was curious, so he put his ear to the wall. The ranger took this chance to bury his blade into the ogre’s ear through the wall’s eye slit. That ogre ran while the other two, not trusting wall god, used their axes to cut through the wall. The party set upon those two quickly disposing them but the stabbed one had run away. From the gates of the quiet dwarven city he threw a javelin at the fighter, pinning him into the wall and startling the rest of the party. This began the crazy time. As the party tried to kill this ogre both the fighter and the druid were knocked unconscious and almost killed by the ogre, while the cleric, sorcerer, and cleric knew better than getting to close. They eventually got him down and pushed the bodies off the cliff face. 

The group retreated to their broken tunnel and rested again. Eight hours later they tried the doors, which magically opened for their dwarven blood. They found the raided armory as well as the kitchen. In the kitchen they found a fat gremlin eating the old food and it barfed on them for scaring it. The gremlin tried to run away but was cut down swiftly by the party. The group made their way to the old mine area and found a dark elf with bound dwarves on a cart with hobgoblins and goblins loading more dwarves into the carts. Combat ensued and the dark elf and beetle fleeing, leaving his minions behind. The fighter charged into the room, smashing a goblin into paste. The hobgoblin near him pulled back and launched an arrow critically into the fighter’s head, killing him instantly. The rest of the party took the appearance of a paladin to their ranks well, and sent spells and arrows into the chamber, trying to save the dwarves and kill the goblinoids. They were able to clear out the monsters and save the dwarves. The adventure ended with the surviving party hearing more dwarves from their clan raiding the front of the keep and seeing webs blocking the passage the drow had taken his captives. It was fun to run this adventure again but it still needs some tweaking.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 18

The party was instructed by their leaders, the elder council to investigate the strange mountain by the lake mentioned by the witches on their last adventure. Yuukakaral the artificer harpy, Kadence, Stone, Kiva, Chance, Mai, Jewell, and Japachi made their way across the countryside, passing into giant land and heading for a dead forest that borders the lake and the mountain. 

In the middle of their path was a strange cloaked figure with skin pulled tight against its skull. The party called out to it and it told them that if they were from Godmoot and seek Mordel, they would go no further. The party evaded admitting that was their town of origin and Mai started playing his hurdy gurdy. The creature, bored of the sounds it made and summoned a wall of skeletons and prepared for battle. Yuukakaral flew into the air and shot the figure, its cloak rolling back to reveal light blue radiance coming from its empty sockets, and they all watched as spiders and worse ran between its mouth and cloak. The Skeletons readied their weapons as Kadence, with Mai on her back, charged them, leaping at the last minute over their blockade, taking a few small spear wounds, and laid into the figure, now identified as a deathlock. Stone went to throw a fireball at the skeleton swarm and watched as another deathlock appeared, countering his spell. Kiva flew in and stabbed the caster in the gut and retreated. The second one cast a holding spell on Kiva, freezing her stiff as another deathlock appeared and started raking her with its terrible claws. The charged deathlock confused the mind of the centaur, using crown of madness, making her attacks wild and dangerous to her allies. 

They found they had not only the skeleton swarm but four actual deathlocks on the battlefield. Chance put a few arrows into the one holding Kiva, causing her to break free of the effect and Mia dropped a hypnotic pattern on the cluster including Kiva, only effecting her so Mia broke the spell. Jewell threw a few eldritch blasts at the deathlocks but they went wide. Jewell started her call lightning spell, causing bolts of lighting to strike down on a foe every round, again almost hitting Kiva again. The party fought valiantly against this force of spell casting and bashing creatures, Yuukakaral was pulled from the sky and slammed into the ground, Jewell summoned a swarm of eight Dretches to fight the skeletons, after much chaos and carnage the four deathlocks fell to the party. The skeletons were destroyed by the combined forces of the Dretch swarm and the party picking off the last few. They watched as five more deathlocks showed themselves on a nearby ridge, laughed maniacally and faded from view. 

The party rested and Jewell had her swarm of minions run off into direction they were headed to scout ahead, sending Tiny, her familiar, with them. Eventually she got word back they could see the mountain a few miles away. as the party picked up to travel more a loudly approaching monstrosity could be heard. They watched as a huge demon with a boar face and tiny terrible wings on its back bellowed at them, yelling it was contract bound to destroy them. Combat ensued as the nalfeshnee attempted to tear into the party and the attacks on the group were bouncing off the beast. Mai worked to keep the party moving away from the beast while it was using a fear aura to control the battlefield in its own way. After being hit with a hail of thorns, a vampiric touch, numerous lightning bolts, and attacked by a wizard turned t-rex, the beast eventually fell to the party, but not before it spread its fear and quite a few claws and bites. 

The group mounted up the warforged wizard and rode off into the sunset. They made good time and the t-rex popped back into wizard form as they came into sight of their goal, the mountain lair of Mordel.

Friday, November 9, 2018

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Untamed Wilds session 17!

Our next adventure started with the party entering the southern woods near Cloudkeep. Their mission was to find a coven of witches and gain information from them regarding an ancient evil from the mythic past. Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the new artificer harpy, Stone the warforged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Limbsmasher the goliath wizard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler, Chance the cat folk ranger, Japachi the lizardfolk druid, and Awesome Dude the harpy rogue set forth. As the party made their way into the witch infested forest Japachi noticed they were being followed. They encountered a trio of hungry displacer beasts. The combat was swift and after a few rounds one beast was dead and the two fled into the woods. 

The party argued about chasing them until they realized the artificer’s gun may have alerted most of the forest of their presence. They made to move deeper into the woods and noticed a hooded figure floating above the path in the direction they were headed. Awesome Dude attempted to diplomatically approach the figure but Kadence had already thrown a javelin at the figure. The figure collided with a nearby tree and dissipated into a cloud of bugs, leaving the javelin behind. Not liking the bug trick the party made their way to a small shack surrounded by a three-foot-tall iron wrought fence with green skulls on the corners. There was a small gate as well with a large iron lock on it. Not wanting to be impolite, half the party hid in the trees, while a few other members went up to see if they could get a better look.

Stone knocked on a plate of metal on the fence near the lock and after a few moments an eight-foot-tall woman in a fashionable dress came out of the shack. She greeted the party and asked why there were here and started sniffing the air, counting the travelers by smell. They mentioned the crypt and what they saw there, the dark tendrils of energy, the undead giant, and other important information. She told them to look under the mountain near the large lake within the giant lands, if anyone was hiding a giant pyramid from the old times it would be there, and that old undead creature loved his pyramids. She asked the party what they would give her, now that she had given them very good intel. The party joked about giving her Awesome Dude, but there was a popping noise and three more witches showed up on their side of the fence. Combat ensued and trouble was had. Kadence became grappled after charging one of them, Kiva was hit by a tree wielded by one of the others, and the spell casters had the misfortune of standing near the other one. the artificer harpy attempted to fly over the fence, he was successful but also took necrotic damage, having passed through a magical barrier that was unnoticed by the group. 

The skulls lit up as well and seemed to be charging up for something. In the battle the artificer attempted to rise above the witch inside the fence and shot her a few times with his thunder gun, also he found the top of the dome, took some more necrotic damage and tried not to die, he knew if he passed out, he would fall back through the dome again and take damage from the fall too. The two green skulls came after the party, snapping at them with their terrible teeth but were mostly defective. Kiva tried to give the witches her bone and gold goblet of blood she had found in the last adventure as payment for the information. She dropped one of them on a witch and it just hit her with a tree again. The lead witch approached the fence and pulled the goblet through the barrier with a mage hand and cackled madly. Jewell blasted one of the three witches over the fence, forcing it to take damage. It got back up and came back around using the gate at the front. At this point two of the witches had fallen and the lead witch and her surviving sister thanked the party for the entertainment, defeating their two lesser sisters, and the goblet. They left and went back into their shack and the skulls pretty much just bit at their ankles until the group broke them. 

Confused the party packed up and started their journey home. They camped out for a bit in a clearing near a stream and Jewell sent her familiar out to scout the area. He found a sickly-looking tree with a face and realized it was a sickly diseased tree giant. The party found out from Jewell what was out there a moment before a large boulder bounced behind the camp. The party, knowing trees hate fire launched fireball after fireball at the tree and its two allies, burning the surrounding forest as well as destroying the animate trees. It was a quick battle with five fireballs in two rounds. The party survived and now has a lead on where to find this undead threat and where their old ranger Striker might have been taken.

The party is now 8th level 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 16!

Our session started with secrets. The Raven ranger and I explored his fate and if the party ever finds him, we can sort things out then. We had a reasonable number of players tonight, we had Stone the war forged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Jewel the cat folk warlock, Mai the satyr glamor bard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler rogue, and Red the blood hunter cat folk. The party was hired by Keyhaw, a traveling satyr folk hero, to go deal with this upstart satyr king figure people had been talking about. It seems he had raised an army of displeased fey and monsters and was planning to attack Godmoot, the city under the party’s protection, and where they live. Keyhaw gave them a route up the mountain where the party could negate most of the army and either ask the satyr king to leave Godmoot alone, or exterminate him. They set off up the mountain, watching for ambushes along the way. They saw strange glowing fey flitting about on the periphery, strange out of season gourds and fruit on parts of the path, and strange drawings etched into the rocks that seemed to watch them as they traveled up the mountain. 

Their first contact with the enemy was Red spotting three large dogs covered in flames. They were a decent distance from the group and only he could see them. So he shot them. Three oversized hell hounds noticed the party and attacked. The group made quick work of them and none were able to sound an alarm, only suffering from a few flame blasts along the way. They gathered their team and headed further up the mountain. 

Jewel sent her familiar ahead and it noticed two floating skulls, dripping with putrid chunks of flesh and leaving a trail where they flew. The creatures had four eyes, each switching to a different color in sync with the other. Tiny, the familiar, heard the skulls talking about guard duty and laughing in Abyssal and reported back to the party. The monsters suffered a surprise attack, loosing a few rounds to careful planning of the party and Mai using hypnotic pattern to remove the skulls from the battle. The party ganged up on one skull and were planning to take them out one at a time. They attacked the closer one first, taking turns dealing massive damage but another skull rose from the ground and headbutted one of the stunned ones. The group was suddenly dealing with three angry skull monsters with eye beams. The first victim was Jewel, she was hit with a enervating ray taking over a quarter of her health in damage. The next was Kadence, she was paralyzed by one eye beam and hit with a disintegration beam by the other. The tables had turned. The group worked together, Kiva attacking from a hidden position and fleeing after striking, Red launching powerful elemental arrows into the enemies, Stone dropping a fireball on top of the skulls and hasting the centaur, Kadence using three attacks a turn to slice up each and every one of the skull bastards, Mai changed the battlefield to give more advantageous positions to the party, and Jewel pushed the skulls further and further away from the party, keeping them at bay. Eventually the skulls died and the party rested for a bit, Mai granting everyone temporary hit points before they took their breather. 

The group made their way to the top of the mountain and saw a large satyr shaped figure with an iron helm sitting on a metal throne with a huge muscular serpent man bodyguard. Mai attempted to bard the Satyr King and found him unyielding in his position, Mai was offered blood looking wine, in keeping with tradition. Mai threw the first glass’s contents over his shoulder, hitting a frail satyr with runes across his body in the face with the blood, and noticed another frail satyr behind the throne. The Satyr King did not take kindly to this and nodded to his bodyguard. Combat was joined and the party got to see what the body guard could do, they focused all their firepower on him, Stone dropping a fireball on the duo and the minions, causing no damage to the Satyr King, frying one of his henchmen, and scorching the serpent. Kiva ran in and stabbed the serpent, which followed her and slammed in with three scimitar attacks, causing he to lose most of her hit points. Mai was attacked by the Satyr King, who lashed out with a tail attack and two stabs with an iron pitchfork summoned from the ether. The remaining henchmen ran up and poked Mai for one damage. The focus of the party became dropping everything into the snake, and it eventually fell to the onslaught of Kadence, hasted again and swinging with three attacks a round. The Satyr King looked at the party, said well done, and teleported away leaving the party nursing plenty of wounds and more questions. Keyhaw showed up to give the group some money for their troubles and the night ended.

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