Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Abyss Modified Session 20: The Night of No Insight Checks

For tonight’s adventure the group consisted Xanaphia, Orion, Dinak, and two new members, Lezrik the wood elf champion fighter, and Tamin the human thief rogue. The group was checking in on the mine that the Thistlebottom halflings had lost contact with and assumed the miners had gone missing. The party approached and saw a wooden palisade around the cave the mine was in. wanting to be prepared Xanaphia cast both dark vision and mage armor… and wild magic kicked in. For ten rounds the party fell victim to multiple magical mishaps. Magic swelled within Xanaphia returning all the unused sorcery points, the party became weak to piercing weapons, the next a foe of the party would have disadvantage on saves against spells, Orion fell victim to a swarm of magic missiles, Xanaphia started levitating and turned invisible, Dinak started flying, someone else had disadvantage on a save, and Xanaphia became the center of a fireball spell. It was chaos, but at least the guard “goblin” on the palisade enjoyed the show. 

After their display the guard shouted down greetings to them. It appeared to be a blue skinned goblin with a long-hooked spear. It opened the iron gate one handed, which the party did not find to odd and allowed them within the palisade. They rested a bit and asked about the halflings, it claimed it had not seen any halflings, they found this mine empty and moved in. The party believed him but wanted to see the mine. They traveled down a few tunnels, passing more of the strangely colored goblins as they were now mining for any ore or gems. The goblins gave the party odd looks as they marched down to the deepest chamber of the mine, the room was shaped like a large figure eight, with many odd paths jutting into other areas. A goblin they talked to told them halfling items had been found in a side tunnel, as the party investigated, they realized the tunnel was a dead end and they could hear multiple strange sounds behind them. 

They turned in time to see each of the goblins turning into large sized wolf monsters. The battle started, the monsters getting pelted with attacks from the party and the beasts charging the heroes. Tamin, not being especially skilled in combat chose to shoot, run, and hide. Dinak struggled to find the shadows he normally would hide in but still shot everything that was wolf like with arrow after arrow. Xanaphia, having had mixed luck with spells that day lashed out with spells praying that they would not surge again and noticed a few of the elemental spells were less effective against these creatures. Lezrik made huge dents in the beasts with a greatsword, giving them a run for their money. The party was also sustaining many bites from the monsters, unable to truly keep their distance from the gnashing jaws. Orion had great stunning strikes and kept gaining the killing blow on the monsters, but as they finished with the first group they were joined by more of the monsters. in his quest to remain alive and unseen Tamin hid in the back of the chamber where he found a shimmer, a budding portal to wherever these creatures were from. Tamin let Dinak know about the portal and fled away from it, seeing two sets of claws starting to poke through. Dinak took the time to break the crude symbols on the wall around the portal, causing it to close and sever the fingers of whatever was trying to reach into this world. The group killed the last of the pack that had followed them into the depths, but know there are more most likely waiting for them up top. 

We stopped there for the night and the group is now level 8.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Abyss Modified Session 19: Probably not the last unicorn

***Out of the Abyss spoilers as well as classics awesome fantasy tale spoilers***

The party of Thelrum, Xanaphia, Dinak, and Godric with their Npc gnome guides, Telegar the Eladrin mage, and Eldeth the dwarven fighter made their way into Guantlgrym via way of magic portal. They were in the Iron Tabernacle, the burial chambers to be exact and making their way to the king’s chamber. They saw different clerics and priests of the dwarven gods repairing broken grave sites and were waved through to the higher levels, Eldeth having run ahead to talk with her uncle and announce her friends.

They found King Bruneor seated on his throne with advisors standing at attention in the wings. King Bruneor greeted them and thanked them for returning his niece to them, he asked them for any information they could share about the underdark and their adventures. Godric started from the very beginning, helping beet farmer girl, the kobolds, jumping to the mindflayer and the floating baby, the back to Jimjar eating his own arm due to madness. The advisors stared on in shock, unsure how to deal with any of the information. The group helped fill in some of the gaps in the memory of the bard. The king and his advisors were dumbfounded the party had survived as well as escorted this mage Telegar and Eldeth as far as they did. Having no other choice, King Bruneor invited the party to return to Gauntlgrym in three months time to help advise and possibly lead another adventure into the underdark.

Having been told about the party needing to get to Baldurs Gate, King Bruneor also said that three different caravans would be leaving soon headed in that general direction. There was Dunar’s Imports selling mostly wines from the south heading to a town a little north of Baldur’s Gate, there was Pletha’s Traveling goods headed to a small town in the mountains, and finally Daddy Fate’s Traveling Menagerie of Magical Monsters. (For those of you who have read or watched the Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle you may know a bit about what I have planned for this arc) The party looked at each other and chose the menagerie. They all rested for the night, except for Godric, who chose to hit up the night life of Gauntlgrym. He ended up sharing stories and drinks with Daddy Fate and a few of his crew and found his room in the morning to hear the wake-up call as he laid down.

The group found Daddy fate and his crew of about twenty hunters and trappers, mostly rough looking humans and half orcs, and possibly a gnomish clown, waiting in the upper tunnels for them. Before them were seven burly horse drawn carts and they could hear the snarling of a few animals from within the carts. They chose to join the drivers on a few of the carts instead of walking. When they stopped for the noon day meal, they watched a few of the hunters return with a few deer they had killed. They kept some for a communal stew and the party got to see them feed the animals of the menagerie. They tossed in an entire deer for the troll, another for the manticore, two halves of a deer in the serpent’s cage, and placed some grain in the unicorn’s cage. They also had what they said was a harpy where they threw in a quartered deer. There were terrible sounds that came from that cage. The manticore seemed powerful, having a winged lion body with his spiked tail and man-like face full of way too many teeth, but he was shaggy and his muscle seemed to hang of his bones, it growled at anyone that got close. The serpent just looked like a writhing mass of snake and the party gave it almost no attention. The troll was massive and asleep moments after finishing its deer. The unicorn was odd, it had strange bracelets just above its hooves and what seemed to be a fake party cone shaped horn. Thelrum sent his spider familiar under the cone to find a real unicorn was being obscured. The party discussed and questioned each other on why they might have a unicorn, why it wasn’t talking to them, and why did it seem to be missing its magic. They found out its name was Branix. The party also peered into the harpy’s cage and saw large owl eyes staring back at them, she was almost as large as the manticore, wings wrapped around herself, her anger was palpable.

After seeing the monsters, Thelrum used arcane lock and alarm on a few of the cages just in case. They started their journey again after their meal and came across a downed tree, as if someone had attempted to block the road. Daddy Fate called for the troll and had his cage opened, Thelrum speaking the password to allow the cage to open. The troll stood almost twenty feet tall and quite rotund squeezed himself out of his larger cart and approached the tree. The troll noticed bandits in the tree and threw it at another nearby tree that also had a few bandits in it. Having seen the power of the beast the remaining bandits ran away, the troll got back into his cart and the party continued on their way. That night they made camp, most of the party sleeping in Dinak’s magic rope extra dimensional space. Daddy Fate had also set up what appeared to be a large tent that he shared with no one, the other hunters and trappers set up to guard the perimeter and the carts were circled for protection.

The party took shifts watching for threats and they noticed the trees were full of owls, and every one of them was staring at the harpy cart. Finding this odd, Xanaphia informed the second watch about the owls. Godric summoned a magic hand and poked one of the owls to see what would happen, causing the owl to give him a dirty look and move further away from him on the branch. They found one of the hunters towards the end of the watch and asked him about the owls, finding that they had been showing up since they caught the harpy. It seemed they had only just recently caught the harpy and had lost a few men in the process. The guard walked them to Daddy Fate’s tent and they talked with him about the strange owls and the other monsters for a bit.

The next moring they reached the halfling town of Thistlebottom. They worked on setting up a larger tent in the shape of a semi-circle and helped the halflings from the town bring out benches. Godric used his bardic skills to draw in the crowd and his mask of many faces to look more outlandish. Xanaphia used her magic lute to make words in the sky above the tent. The party was asked to help come up with some new acts as well.  They brought out the manticore which begrudgingly did a few tricks, the serpent came out and seemed to grow to enormous proportions, wrapping around the entire tent and audience. Gordric made himself look like a snake person and scared the kids in the audience. The gnome came out in his clown get up while riding on the unicorn and did a few tricks as well. Dinak took aim at a target and the arrow fell short. Thelrum put a pumpkin where his head was, having pulled it into his shell and had Dinak shoot again. Dinak used his magic charm to start his arrow on fire and shot it straight through the pumpkin. The audience started screaming until they remembered Thelrum was a turtle man and could pull his head in. Xanaphia and the troll got to do the finale, the troll threw Xanaphia into the sky over sixty feet straight up, and feather fall brought her down. Illusionary fireworks filled the sky and everyone was happy. The halflings of Thistlebottom were so grateful for the entertainment that they gave the party a feast while Daddy Fate set up his private tent where halflings went to buy merchandise from the show. They talked with the village elder and found out a rather famous dark elf had been in the area awhile back, which is why Dinak’s lineage did not bother them. The next morning the party found they had free time before everything needed to be packed up so they asked the elder if there were any odd things they could do to help out.  He mentioned they used to have a silver mine but some kind of monster had taken it over. They party agreed to look into it for them and we ended there for the night.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Abyss Modified Session 18: The poor grooms bride is a spore.

We had a small group, recovering from the combat with the drow assassins, Xanaphia, Orion, Dinak, and their companions set forth completing the looting of the dead and repacked up their camp. Now with two carts they continued down the winding tunnels towards what the gnomes assured them was the way to the dwarven stronghold. After a few hours of uneventful travel, they found a large crystalline dome shaped chamber that fantastically reflected their lights. They could hear strange knocking noises and across the chamber they saw a pale wide-eyed creature that looked about the size of a goblin or gnome knocking on the wall with a pickaxe. The party gave the creatures a wide berth and made it out of the chamber safely.

The tunnels started to fill with warmer air, vision clouded with heat waves. They found the next chamber to be a multibridge cylindrical chamber that descended hundreds of feet and faintly an orange glow could be seen. The bridges started off pretty narrow but were fifty feet across at their widest point. There were a few close moments as both Eldeth and Xanaphia almost fell but were caught by Orion and Dinak throwing a dart and shooting an arrow respectively, pinning their clothing to the cart and saving them from what would have been a bad day. The snails slipped on the stone surface a bit slowing down the journey. Dinak spotted what appeared to be a floating green flamed skull by the exit of the chamber and shot off an arrow at the undead. The arrow went off into the abyss and the flame skull charged closer to the party, shooting beams of fire from its eyes. They quickly dealt with the first skull, Orion bludgeoning it and noticed many more below them in the steamy depths, two of which were alerted to the party when the other skull had exploded. Combat was quick, the other two skulls were shot and punched off the bridge and exploded down below. The party made haste and got out of that chamber, resting after a few hours of a quickened march.

After resting they made their way to a group of three damp tunnels the gnomes knew but grew confused when they arrived. Something was growing out of the right and center tunnel. It seemed to be a fungus and the party attempted to talk to it with to no avail. One of the gnomes with them paged through his book of underground dangers and mentioned some kind of fungus called Araumycos that was smart and giant, bigger than some of the smaller countries on the surface. Fear grew in the eyes of the gnomes and the party could hear skipping from the left most and clear tunnel as four mushroom men appeared, dressed up in fancy duds of surface folk. They gesticulated widely and the party all made their saving throws, resisting the rapport spores, the only way to talk with the creatures. One of the gnomes failed and translated, it seemed the creatures were preparing for a wedding between this giant fungal mushroom creature Araumycos and the demon queen of fungi Zuggtmoy. The party wanted no part in this wedding and promised to come back with a gift and went down the left tunnel, finding tiny mushroom men walking in procession. One of the snails ate one but within moments they could see the legs growing back from the remains. They made haste again, eventually resting for the night.

Dinak and Orion took the first watch, they noticed a troll in the distance watching them but it ran off. Later Eldeth and one of the gnomes took watch, and the troll struck, trying to eat the gnome. The party fought off the troll and Dinak, practically invisible watched as large frog demon ran and flipped one of their carts. The demon proved tougher than the troll and potentially was hunting it but the party looked to be easier prey. It took a few bites out of Xanaphia but was put down.

The next day they found their way to a side tunnel with strange ornate stone doors flanked by large dwarven faces. The gnomes made some sort of hand motions and whispered to the faces and the doors cracked open. They saw two large stone golems that looked like armored dwarves pushing open the doors and around their feet were thousands of what appeared to be goblin and elf bones. The snails made a path and the party rode a few hundred feet to another open set of doors with what appeared to be simple chamber with a large stone archway and a mummified dwarf sitting on a throne. They talked with the mummy for a bit, found out this was a secret way of the dwarves and no word of this secret should be uttered, or the golems would get them. With a smile it opened the portal and the party made their way into the underbelly of Gauntlgrym.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Abyss Modified Session 17: A floating baby and a showdown

*Contains Out of the Abyss Spoilers somewhat* 

Our party consisted of Dinak the drow gloomstalker ranger, Godric the half elf bard/ hexblade warlock, Thelrum the tortle abjuration wizard, and Syre the Yuanti whisper bard recovering from their last mission within their free rooms at the local pub in the underdark. Two new characters met with the party for adventure, Paige the half elf bard and Argus the elven wizard. They had been in Blingdenstone and had assisted with the defense of the city with gnomes. 

The group investigated a report of a missing child and visited with the parents. They two gnomes only remembered a strange bearded face telling them to sleep and when they woke up their son was missing. Godric could hear strange whispers from his sword that lead him and the rest of the party on the trail of the missing child. They passed strange oversized worms digging through the stones as well as a group of impoverished goblins that seemed relieved when the party passed them in the tunnels. 

The group came to a section of cavern with multiple tunnels leading deeper into the dark. Dinak and the others heard a voice in their head asking why they had come here. They responded with a myriad of answers from “searching for a lost child” to “money” and the voice seemed confused for a moment. Strange creatures started climbing out of the tunnels, muscular gray skinned humanoids with smooth flesh where their eyes should have been. The voice informed them the child had talent that would have been wasted in such a temporary town, and the grimlocks charged the party. Godric was able to hold off a few of the grimlocks while Dinak and Argus started picking them off at range. A few of the grimlocks got in good hits on Godric, dealing significant damage. A strange tentacle faced creature descended from a spot on the ceiling with a strange gnomish baby swaddled on its back.  

It attempted to dominate Thelrum’s mind but he countered the magic. The mind flayer used its mind blast ability, catching most if not all of the group in its cone of psychic damage and stunned both Syre and Godric, turning their own minds against them. On their turns they each broke out of the magic effect. Argus used flaming sphere to great effect, bouncing it between foes while Paige used vicious mockery to break down her foes. The fight went bad for the Mindflayer when the child on its back started screaming and was detached by two very fortunate arrows to the shoulder, missing the child completely. The party was confused when the strange child burrito floated about three feet off the ground, seemingly safe. Syre turned into a giant ape with polymorph and got ready to smash down the mindflayer but Dinak put an arrow through its head. They cleaned up the last grimlock and found a stash of coins and a broken potion bottle. Syre the giant ape led the floating child balloon back to its parents and found out they knew about its latent psychic abilities, having to collect floating silverware and touching in the child with weighted sheets to keep him from drifting away. 

They took the rest of the night off and in the morning met up with the caravan they would be traveling with as well as Eldeth and Telegar. The group said goodbye to Keg and Root the kobolds and Ront the orc, they were staying behind to help rebuild Keg's trading empire. The group rode off on three quick snail drawn carts manned by six dour gnomes that look like they had seen a few scuffles. The group chatted with them a bit and almost missed an epic sight, the cavern wall disappeared silently as the party pulled to a stop. They watched as delvers, an ancient mining creature that resembled a slug with larger digging claws made to move copious amounts of dirt into its mouth while leaving behind various unworked stone and gems. The gnomes explained these were ancient creatures that were only seen once or twice in a generation. As they looked on a goblin that had been following them attempted to steal some gems in the wake of the beasts and the group watched as it dissolved in the slime trail the delvers left behind them. The group used mage hand to collect and clean off some gems for themselves. 

They traveled for a few more hours and made camp. They circled their three wagons and kept their snails in the center. Dinak created a rope trick dimensional space for himself and the rest of the party slept on or around the wagon situations. They all failed to notice the approach of assassins. The first gnome fell over with a bolt in his neck, drow sleep posion coursing through his system. The noise roused the party, Dinak looked out of his rope trick space and saw two figures standing down the tunnel, Drow, and important looking. Magical darkness separated the tunnel and a large ball of fire hit the first wagon, killing off one of the snails and mortally wounding the sleeping gnome. The party jumped into action. Godric walked into the darkness, having made a deal with his patron to see even in magic darkness, and engaged two of the four drow footman running towards the burning camp. He could also see what appeared to be a drow wizard in the back of the tunnel near the other important looking drow. The group engaged the drow fully, sinking arrows and blades into the dreaded foe. 
They found out from Telegar that these were the drow that he had rescued the other survivors from, and he had a score to settle. He threw spell after spell at the drow and Eldeth, his dwarf companion took out as many knees as she could. 

A lucky shot broke the priests concentration on the darkness, the gnomes and their remaining mounts ran back into the deeper tunnels to wait for the combat to die down with Argus and Paige heading with to protect them, and heat metal was cast on a drow warriors armor making it a bad day for him. The warriors fell quickly to the group and the important drow in back started summoning. The mage attempted to summon a shadow demon but Thelrum countered it and the high priestess finished her casting, bringing forth a handmaiden of Lolth. The lesser priestess fell to the might of the party and the mage could not keep up with the damage he took, going down in flames. The high priestess lost concentration on her summoned help and fell to the party, leaving them fighting the shapeshifting handmaiden, transforming from a tentacle monster into a giant spider with a terrible bite attack, scoring a few powerful strikes against the party. Eventually the beast fell and the party collected themselves, and will pick up from there next time.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Abyss Modified Session 16: Side Business

The party took their rest while they could within the confines of the familiar tavern. In the morning they were informed that it would be a few days before they could make the trek to the surface. They were given a few options to further help out within the town to help pass the time. Orion, Xanaphia, Thelrum, and Syre weighed their options and chose to check out a strange house in an abandoned part of town. There had been sightings of tall cloaked figures milling about the area recently so they went to take a look.

They came within sight of the building, a hovel carved into the wall, they could see green light emanating from under the door. Thelrum summoned his familiar, a spider, and sent it under the door. It could see and hear two drow talking near a stack of burning mushrooms releasing a green flame. The drow were talking about the “surface folk” and “failing her was not an option”. They noticed the spider in the room and switched into the drow sign language. He called his spider back and the party burst into the room. Syre made her mark by stabbing one of the drow in the head with a dagger. Orion killed the other swiftly and they both heard the sound of rushing water from a connected room. The door opened and a more important looking drow came out wiping his hands and drawing his sword. The south door also opened revealing another important drow. Thelrum had cast blink on himself and was able to move into the south room as well, seeing a drow mage with a spell book knocking on another door. Orion stunned the bathroom drow and helped deal with the elite warrior that had entered the room to only leave it after seeing his broken minions. the drow mage attempted to magic missile Thelrum but fell victim to shield, ruining his attack. The group made good work of the drow but were unable to stop the mage and what they saw was a drow priestess from teleporting away. Syre was able to use her whisper bard ability to steal the face and minor memories of one of the grunts after exploding his head with dissonant whispers. Chaos, duplicity, neck stabs, and lightning breath helping sew destruction. The party took all the armor and equipment from the slain and sold it in town.

They plotted for a bit, healed up, and decided to look into the missing persons reports flooding out of a strangely dangerous part of town. Once there they found what was described as an angry traffic cone, a stalagmite with terrible teeth, a horrible eye, and oh god why tentacles. It grabbed the bard instantly, pulling her closer. The party fought against the tentacles, escaping only to get caught again. Both Orion and Syre got chomped a few times by it, Xanaphia shooting it in the eye with a crossbow bolt did hamper the attacks of the roper. Thelrum used his dragon breath spell to great effect, shaking it with lightning damage often. Syre tried to make an illusion of a broken tentacle at one point to aid in her escape but the beast just tried to catch her with a second tentacle. Eventually they ended the beast and found the bones of many gnomes, orcs, and dark elves that fell victim to the roper. They also found a pile of fluffy yellow debris in the corner, Syre started poking it, releasing spores in a ten-foot burst. She ignored it, being immune to poison, and found a cool ring of water breathing. They headed back to town with their new swag and their new level, Level 7.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Summer Book Blurbs

So recently I have been modifying my Rob Recommends reading list and now that summer is upon us again it is time to share the short descriptions I use when talking about the books, modified a little bit, for I tend to talk non stop. 

Young Reader Books: ages 9-14 *graphic novels
Amulet, by Kibuishi *
Two kids and their mom move into their great uncle’s house after a family tragedy. The mansion holds many secrets, one of which is a magical amulet, the other main one being a passage into another world. Emily and Navin must uncover the secrets of this other world as well as the strange amulet that seems to have a voice of its own.

Artemis Fowl, by Colfer
Young Artemis seeks to steal money from the fairy folk to strengthen his families weakening power after his father’s disappearance and his mothers declining health. Complications arise when the fairies decide to take Artemis out of the picture.

Aru Shah and the End of Time by Chokshi
Young Aru Shah and her mom run a small museum on the history of India and have many artifacts on display, one of which is a lamp that should never be lit. Once lit the lamp lets loose a bound demon that seeks to end the world and Aru Shah and her new friend must stop him.

Athena the Brain, by Holub
A retelling of Greek mythology, young Athena must attend school with fellow mythological characters. Each book focuses on different goddesses.

Bone, by Smith*
Fone Bone and his cousins are kicked out of their home land for embezzling and end up in a magical valley full of magical monsters, dragons, and talking animals finding a young girl and her grandmother with a secret past.

Charlie Bone, by Nimmo
Charlie and his family all have magical powers. Charlie can look into portraits and see what was happening when it was made. He must attend a magical academy where a few of the teachers are plotting against the kids.

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, by Nesbo
Two young kids, Nilly and Lisa, meet the strange Doctor Proctor, who makes strange inventions. One of which is a powder that lets kids fart as much as they want but there never is a smell. He makes a super strong batch and the kids use it to solve mysteries.

Dragons Tooth, Wilson
Kids find out their family belongs to a society of adventurers with ties across the world. They must face off against mythical characters from folk tales to the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Emerald Atlas, by Stephens
Three orphaned children are taken to a strange mansion in the mountains and find a book known as the Emerald Atlas. The book allows them to travel back in time where they must find out why there are no children in the town they were taken to. Part Narnia, part Series of Unfortunate Events.

Fablehaven, by Mull
Kendra and Seth go to stay with their grandparents at their wilderness estate and find out it is a wildlife preserve for magical monsters. After an accident they must face off against terrible monsters and solve mysteries at the different preserves across the world.

Fairy Tale Detectives, by Buckley
Daphne and Sabrina are orphaned when their parents go missing and picked up by someone claiming to be their grandmother. She takes them to a small town called Fairyport landing where the townsfolk are all fairy tale characters, Snow White is a teacher, Prince charming is the mayor, and Sleeping Beauty owns the coffee shop. The kids are descended from the Brothers Grimm and must solve mysteries.

Goblin Secrets, by Alexander
A young boy is searching for his missing brother while working with a strange witch. The boy runs into a group of goblins that work outside the law, preforming illegally in a town with no music or acting. With their help he tries to find his missing brother.

Golden Compass, by Pullman
Lyra if gifted the Olithiometer, a divining device that only a select few can read. She looks into the missing children and finds out many terrifying things about her world and others. I was sold at the phrase Panserbjorn, the species of polar bear gifted with speech and wear armor made of sky metals. 

Graveyard Book, by Gaiman:
Nobody Owens is raised by ghosts in a graveyard. Awesome and creepy, this book is one of my all time favorites.

Gregor the Overlander, by Collins
Young boy Gregor and his sister Boots get pulled into the Underland, the world beneath the streets. They find out there are a grouping of prophecies reguarding surface dwellers solving their problems and Gregor fits the bill.

Harry Potter, by Rowling
Harry goes to wizarding school, chaos ensues.

Hollow Earth, by Barrowman
Twin siblings have the ability to draw creatures to life, and using this ability they must keep a book of monsters away from terrible people.

House of Secrets, by Columbus
A family moves into a curiously cheap house that belonged to a strange author. During an incident the family get trapped inside the author’s books and must work together to find their way home.

How to Train Your Dragons, by Cowell
Young Viking Hiccup and his tribe use dragons like hunting hounds and must deal with rival tribes, dangerous foreign dragons, and a rude dragon with an overabundance of sass. Hiccup can also talk to dragons in the books and Toothless is a small green dragon the size of a cat.

Lightning Thief, by Riordan
Young Percy finds out he is related to the Greek gods and must retrieve Zeus’s master bolt or the gods will go to war with each other. Great blending of modern mythology.

Loki’s Wolves, by Armstrong
Children find out they are part of the Nordic mythology and reenact parts of the myths in their lives. The kids now seek weapons of the gods to stop the end of times.

Magyk, by Sage
A magical family with seven sons adopt a young girl the night their youngest is born and declared dead by the midwife, the same night the royal family is mysteriously killed. When a boy with only a number for a name and the girl who cant use magic meet they will have to work together to save the kingdom.

Maze of Bones, by Riordan
Book 1 of the 39 Clues series, Amy and Dan find out their family tree extends across the world and almost every influential person in history had ties with their ancestors. With this newfound information they must hunt down the 39 Clues to solve a problem that has been in the family for over four hundred years.

Middle School by Patterson
Rafe finds the rules in his new school to be ridiculous, he vows to break every rule in the student handbook.

Narnia, by Lewis
The Pensive family end up in a magical world populated by talking animals, monsters, and a witch.

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, by Foxlee
Ophelia finds a strange boy trapped within the museum where her father is fixing swords for an exhibit. Strange monsters lurk in the shadows and a quest must be undertaken to save her father and her friends.

Peculiar, by Bachmann
After a war between humans and fairies, peace has ruled the streets until half human half fairy children, or peculiars are found hollowed out and dead, covered in runes in the river. After his sister goes missing Bartholomew and a grizzled detective must work together to find her.

Pendragon, by MacHale
Bobby Pendragon finds out his uncle can jump through time and space and together end up on another world in time to help either save or destroy it.

Red Pyramid, by Riordan
Sadie and Carter find out the Egyptian gods have been trapped within the rosetta stone, and after they have been freed their world changes. The divine beings can lend their power to magicians to use their magical powers for their own goals, and Carter and Sadie must come to term with their new powers.

Redwall, by Jacques
In a war between rats and mice young Matthias must put aside his clumsy ways to become a warrior and save his people from the rats and their allies.

Ruins of Gorlan, by Flanagan
Will wants to be a knight, but he is small and wiry, no way he could wear eighty pounds of armor while riding a horse. He does have all the skills necessary to be a ranger, he moves unseen in shadows and he can climb towers with barely any handholds. With his newfound calling he must find a way to safe his kingdom from an old evil.

Scepter of the Ancients, by Landy
Stephanie meets a strange gentleman at her uncle’s funeral, a walking talking fire throwing skeleton that moonlights as a detective. His name is Skullduggery Pleasant, and he is a magical detective trying to figure out who killed his friend and enlists Stephanie to solve the case.

Search for WondLa, by DiTerlizzi
Eva Nine lives in a strange fall out shelter with a robot helper and has not been outside. She longs to travel the world and soon finds more than she had expected. Pursued by strange monsters and a bounty hunter, Eva Nine must rely on her wits to survive her new world.

Seven Wonders, by Lerangis:
Children find their life-threatening illnesses are due to their ancient bloodline. They must work together to find all seven artifacts to save each other, starting the search in Greece. 

Sherlock Cottages by Brinnington
A retelling of Sherlock Holmes filled with fantastic puns.

Sidekicks, by Santat *
With his sidekick retired, a superhero holds auditions for a new helper while villains watch on, waiting for their time to strike.

Spiderwick Chronicles, By DiTerlizzi and Black Jared, Simon, and Mallory travel with their mom to their great uncles house to find it teeming with magical monsters. they find they have to keep the field guide, a book of monster secrets, out of the hands of an ogre, or he might destroy all the other monsters.

Sword of Summer, by Riordan
Magnus Chase has a rough time of things. after living homeless on the streets of New York, Magnus has difficulties with a fire giant and ends up dead. Now in the afterlife of the Viking heroes Valhalla, he must undergo training for the end of times while being assigned missions in the world of the living.

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer, by Grisham Theodore wants to follow in the footsteps of both of his parents, he wants to be a lawyer. Even for his young age he has amazing knowledge of the inner workings of the legal system and attempts to help his friends with their problems. When one of his friends tells him that his brother witnessed a crime, they are afraid to go to the police, the brother was working illegally. Theodore will have to figure out how to get the evidence to the right people.

Thrones and Bones, by Anders
Karn has no Viking skills, but is the best Thrones and Bones player and has the mind of a master strategist. Thianna is half frost giant, half human and to her people, undersized and in the way. Karn and Thianna will have to work together to save their peoples from an ancient evil Karn may have unleashed.

Tunnels, by Gordon
Will Burrows and his father love digging holes, but when his father goes missing Will finds an underground world full of humans that seek to destroy the surface world.

World Without Heroes, by Mull
Jason finds himself in a strange magical world after falling into a hippo. Rachel just happened to follow the right butterfly, and with Jason’s help they must discover a secret phrase split into many parts and hidden across the known world to defeat the invincible tyrant that has crushed all resistance in the world.

Abyss Modified Session 15: Off Pudding


Our party made plans with the deep gnome council and it was decided they would sneak in and take out the Pudding King and hopefully with his destruction send the oozes into chaos. The rest of Blingdenstone would attempt to fight the oozes in the tunnels. They were granted the use of an earth elemental as a reward for clearing out the deep gnome temple, and with it the party made their way into a secret tunnel section the wererats knew about, coming out near to the Pudding King’s sanctum. 

Dinak scouted ahead of the group and found a larger mass of darkness in a small side chamber and two oddly placed small pools. He cast dancing light on the darkness, which turned out to be a black pudding and the two pools and they turned out to be gray oozes. The ooze slowly rushed the party, attempting to lash out with pseudopods, but the party was too dexterous. Within short order Orion destroyed one of the gray oozes and the party took out the rest. 

They listened the way they came and could hear more things moving in the dark and headed the way the wererats told them to go, Dinak quickly finding another ooze, a gelatinous ooze. He ran back to the rest of the group, letting Godric know about it after placing a few arrows into it. Godric attacked the cube, retreating back into a previous chamber, and from above him dropped another cube from a chute. Godric became incased in the second cube but Thelrum was able to teleport himself along with Godric away from the ooze, leaving a loud blast of thunder where they had been standing. Xanaphia blasted the other ooze with rays of frost, reducing its movements. They made quick work out of both of the cubes, having had previous experiences fighting such a monster, their elemental companion just stood back and watched in reserve.  

They crept along unnoticed by most of the tunnel oozes preparing for war and eventually made it to a chamber that the Pudding King was standing in the center of. his two children dropped from the ceiling and he laughed manically, taunted the party, and slipped through a crack in the floor, leaving the party to deal with his strange ooze children. His daughter attacked Orion with mental magics, but was mostly resisted and his son was instantly engaged by Orion and the earth elemental. The battle went south pretty quickly for the ooze siblings and victory was won for the party. 

They followed the tunnel leading to the Pudding King’s inner sanctum where he was waiting, cackling behind a slime covered throne. With a ramped pit between them and the king they launched a few ranged spells and attacks his way, a couple finding purchase. They sent their elemental across the room and it battered his throne away. The king dropped a cloud kill spell on the party while slithering across the floor as if his bones had become ooze. Hacking and coughing the group ran out of the cloud. Godric got off a hold person on the Pudding King and noticed an ochre jelly approaching him, slowly. The elemental brought down two dense fists against the small delusional gnome. 

As the elemental lifted its hands away black ichor followed, the king had transformed into a black pudding in death and started attacking. Xanaphia noticed a strange dark cloud drifting like mist around the room heading towards the elemental, and recognized Ogremoch’s bane for what it was, casting warding wind and approaching to cut it off, not expecting the wild surge. A new found doubled height came to Xanaphia, as well as reach. The elemental became possessed and the party was now fighting two oozes and the elemental. The oozes were quickly defeated and Ogremoch’s bane driven away and defeated as well. The party returned to town and found only a few gnomes fell in combat, the oozes were driven off when the Pudding King died, and peace for the moment had returned to Blingdenstone.