Monday, January 7, 2019

A new beginning

At the store we will be having three groups of players with three dungeon masters. This week I ran for a table of ten.  Our story focused on a bar tap unpaid and the party was sent to collect. The group, consisting of Balasar the golden dragon born sorcerer, Cat the half elf druid, Theren the half elf shadow sorcerer, Fione the half elf princess druid, Vekirra the wood elf war cleric, Brelvern the human fighter, Godric the half elf bard, Orion the tiefling monk, Xanaphia the human wild magic sorcerer, and Sir Weirdo the third the monk shifter, made their way to the Gorbel’s tower, near Baldur’s Gate. 

They arrived to find the door locked and stained with blood and odd handprints. Brelvern, Theren, and Godric investigated the door, Brelvern knocking and shouting out to whomever was within the tower. The answer came from up above, the wizard Gorbel, who was quite mad in many ways, told them to go away and threw a rock at the party, hitting Theren. Theren cast sleep in response, which seemed to silence the odd mage. As the party stood and discussed making a humanoid pyramid to reach the top of the tower the bloody door slowly swung open revealing a well-lit interior and four zombie Thayan wizards. The party made quick work of them, having overwhelming numbers. They investigated the first floor finding stairs leading up, and three shut doors. They peered beyond each door finding an advanced kitchen, a possibly haunted piano, and a library of flying books. They shut each door as soon as they saw beyond and went up the stairs. 

On the next floor they found three more doors and a strange self-playing keyboard with gems on the back. It resisted most magical prodding until Sir Weirdo the Third smacked it a few times and the gems fell off. The group prepared themselves and listened at each door, behind one door they heard a voice requesting help, and told the voice they would come back for it. Another door hid a cavern, which they did not trust and closed the door again. The last door had a small green demon that was inquisitive, yet still attacked them. While battle was brewing the handles on the doors started turning so the party grabbed them to keep whatever was inside trapped. The first door had multiple hands grip at the bottom of the door and started shaking it, the cavern room door stopped struggling when Theren shocking grasped the handle. The small green quasit only troubled the party for a few moments but was quickly snuffed out. The party opened the handy door to find four manes, gross worm ridden demons within a small chamber. They nuked the room and went to listen at the door again. They heard footsteps walking up stairs and opened to door to find three more manes with one on a staircase. They ended up knocking one down and tied it up, it wept and was sad after Brelvern threw it down the stairs while looking around the next floor. The other manes were quickly dealt with. 

As Brelvern popped his head onto the next floor he was clubbed by a spriggan, moments later the tied-up mane warned him there was a spriggan upstairs. The party swarmed up the stairs, mostly keeping their distance, but Brelvern was mad and charged the beast scoring a good hit against it. The rest of the group spent cantrips, pelting away at him with elemental damage until Brelvern got clubbed again and passed out. Vekirra was able to get him on his feet, allowing him to hit it again, killing it. In horror he watched as this giant figure shrank down to the size of a child. 

After a few moments tending to wounds the group made their way up to the next floor to find a creature known as a nothic building a short barrier of broken furniture and weapons, almost like a nest. They talked with it, not seeing a staircase up and found it did not know the way, or was a really good liar. Fione took the opportunity to talk with him long enough to charm him, which Theren ruined after he remembered what spawned nothics, the dreaded Vecna. Combat ensued, tears were had, and the barrier started on fire. After the weeping nothic, who had just for the first time in its life had friends, died a horrible death at the hands of those friends, the invisible staircase appeared as well as a trap door to the rooftop. 

Once the group climbed to the roof of the tower, they found what appeared to be the mage Gorbel, prone on the ground snoring. Vekirra had cast detect magic and was still concentrating on it and could tell there were two sources of illusion, the prone wizard, and something off the tower about thirty feet away. They demanded the wizard show himself and when he appeared Theren cast sleep on him again, failing to roll high enough to effect Gorbel. The rest of the group had prepared actions and spells filled the air. In response Gorbel used his highest-level spell slot and hit seven of the party members with magic missiles. He was able to land among the group and get off a few area spells but quickly fell prey to their numbers. Orion and Sir Wierdo the third both unleashed a flurry of punches at Gobrel,  Xanaphia, Balasar, Theren, and Cat blasted him with a multitude of magic attacks. His illusionary sleeping form started twerking at the party in an attempt to throw them off the scent but a mortal blow was struck. Gorbel attempted to take his last action to throw himself from the tower but he was prevented his last request by a timely grapple. On his body they found an amount equal to what he owed the bar so they were victorious? 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tarrasque one-shot (session 24, my count was off)

The party had rested, recuperated their spells and abilities, and somehow were 20th level. Jewell had eschewed the warlock training and took on a few barbarian levels, Yucatrill trained up some rogue skills, Ace the forge cleric/wizard/fighter made his appearance, Kadence became very strong in the down time, Stone became terrifying, and Drixel found a bit of faith worked into  paladin/rogue/barbarian. The group was celebrating their previous adventures at a festival in their honor and watched as the great stone pillars started shaking. The ground quaked and horrible form ripped itself from the soil, rending apart the stone pillars… the dreaded Tarrasque entered Godmoot. 

Over fifty-foot-tall and almost a hundred feet long, the tarrasque loomed dangerously over the party. The group quickly leapt into action, Drixel charging ahead and chucking a javelin at the beast. The party sought to trap the beast and keep it away from their ranged fighters, three of the party had taken the sentinel feat, causing chaos with the large monster tactics. The beast lashed out with its bite, grabbing Drixel between its teeth, followed by more slashes against the front line and lobbing tail spines at the ranged foes. The group also noticed strange magical energies moving across the battle field but were not sure what to make of it at first. The Tarrasque waited till the group had piled up near each other and inhaled deeply, and blasted super charged electricity out in a ten-foot line from itself, catching three characters. Jewell used her eldritch blast and watched as the rays bounced off its shell and flew off into the distance. She switched out her wand for a greataxe and charged the beast. The war mage Stone spent the first two rounds drinking potions and casting Bigby’s hand. He became as strong as a giant and one size bigger as well. Drixel found himself swallowed by the beast and ended up in the stomach, it was terrible. He was able to fight back against the crushing and the acid to carve into the meat of the wall and got regurgitated, leading me to act out a hairball situation in the store. Drixel for the moment was almost safe, or at least not inside a monster. 

Once the party started focusing damage on the tarrasque Yucatrill felt himself suddenly far away, surrounded by nothing as far as he could see, just faint outlines across the horizon. There had been a flash of green a few of the party noticed, and the next round Yucatrill came back, having solved his extra-dimensional maze he had ended up in. The next round the party was hit by a chain lightning spell from an unseen source. Getting sick of the spells Yucatrill cast see invisibility and could see a very angry and familiar lich in hand me down robes launching spells at the party, Mordel had come to slay. The Tarrasque let out more blasts of dark lightning and things were starting to look rough for most of the party, the barbarians getting pummeled by magical energy they could not resist, but also giving back more damage than they were taking. Ace, Drixel, and Kadence all gained bonus attacks if the tarrasque attacked anyone other then them, making themselves targets. Ace also gave any creature attacking him disadvantage on the attacks, leading the tarrasque to think both he and Stone were somehow illusions because it could not hit them. Ace was able to heal up the party a bit with a mass healing word, only missing Drixel, who had ended up inside the tarrasque again, and Yucatrill, who was on the other side of the map. Mordel moved in close to the wounded Ace, still invisible to most of the group, and whispered a terrible word into Ace's ear. Ace died on the spot. Power word kill is brutal.

Kiva joined the brawl at this point. Drixel was hoping to find a way out of the tarrasque again but fell victim to the horrible acid that is within the tarrasque with no hope of rescue. Bearfist joined the fray! Kadence was getting two attacks a round, Jewell had been hasted early on and had four attacks a round with her frenzied rage, Stone had put up a ninth level Bibgy’s hand dealing constant punching damage, Yucatrill had done massive damage with his gun, Drixel was able to score some great hits with his divine smites and grant everyone advantage on attacks against the Tarrasque, Bearfist flurried with all his shadow monk power and trying to stun the beast, before his death Ace was able to get off a few cones of cold against the beast, and the tarrasque looked mostly unfazed. At a point it grew very sleepy, not finding an easy meal and it decided to climb back down the hole it had come out of. The party was shocked, the monster just up and got bored with them. As it was retreating Stone hit it with flesh to stone spell, making it a permanent resident of Godmoot, or at least the tip of its tail coming out of the hole in the ground. 

During the routing of the Tarrasque, Yucatrill had become a bit distracted, Mordel did not like being shot by Yucatrill so he tried to disintegrate the artificer, just barely missing him. Yucatrill summoned a cube of force and protected himself from damn near everything. At this point Mordel’s only ally was a garden statue and became target number one for the party. His globe of invulnerability made him all but immune to most spells, having cast it at 9th level, but did not protect him from ridiculously buff skull crushers curb stomping his face. As his power faded, he imploded, knocking Kadence unconscious. The party picked themselves out of the rubble and claimed their victory.

This campaign was fun to run but did get complicated by massive turnouts for players at the game store. We started strong with ten or eleven players, with five players being the least and fourteen players being the most showing up for a session. It made doing any sort of role playing difficult and caused me to run more of a combat-based game. There were technically twenty-four sessions of this campaign. We started with a sea voyage and pirate fighting, fought against odd flesh warped creatures, investigated a forgotten city full of frog people, negotiated with giants, killed other giants, fought a massive dragon, and brushed the tip of what was originally planned for this game. At some point I plan to put out a campaign guide for other Dungeon Masters to run adventures in this land and a few others I have worked on. 

I would like to take this chance to thank the many players we had at the game store. Some nights were tough with effectively a small military strike force or three adventuring parties worth of characters at one table. you were all troopers and deserve a pat on the back. 

I am looking forward to the next adventure, Out of the Abyss. I will continue the writeups as much as possible, meaning there might be some spoilers to the plot of the adventure, but I will be mixing more of the older Underdark adventures and some homebrew elements into it as well. 

Thank you for reading the writeups! 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 22

Our party made it to the dig site safely. Along with their angel friend and Keyhaw, the group of Mai, Striker, Stone, Red, Astra, Japachi, Chance, Kadence, Kiva, Carrososa, Drixel, Keeper, and Weirdo the second entered a large chamber of dirt and musty air. Across the way they could see a hulking giant, a multiheaded lich like creature, and seven cultists chanting around pit in the ground. Astra left her found elf skin book out in the hallway. As soon as the party started precasting spells the monsters knew they were there. Mordel the lich laughed at them for daring interrupt his ritual. The giant rushed toward the party, engaging both Stone and Kadence and taking huge swings at them. Mai helped Rex Kadence again and Carrososa made her bite attacks holy with a spell. Half the party attempted to spread out to the north, the others to the south hoping to disrupt whatever was happening and the pit as well as hit the lich and the giant. Keyhaw went around invisibly surveying the battlefield, trying to find a place to be the most useful and the angel went and started attacking the ritual casters. Mordel seemed resilient, each time the party cast a spell while within close range of him they would start a dispelling battle, each of his heads reacting and attempting to punch through the magical energy to either help or hinder the magic. He was able to dismiss the polymorph effect on Kadence rather early in the fight. His lair also sprouted eyes and skeletons, allowing him to attack with swarms of allies and see characters where normal vision should have failed. Striker and Red got in a few well-placed shots on Mordel, even forcing him to evoke a shield spell. Stone got in a good magical giant hand attack, grabbing Mordel and slamming him into the ceiling. Mordel shouted to his minions to finish the ritual quicker. The giant became engulfed in wolves as the two young druids summoned their swarm. Astra engulfed four of the cultists in a wall of fire and a few other party members took a few shots at them. The party watched as the seven cultists, many of which were still on fire dove into the pit, falling a great distance before a few low thunks could be heard. The ground shook and buckled a bit as two colossal claws rose from the darkness and through the wall of fire. 

A long-rotted neck of black and red scales topped with just the skull of an ancient dragon rose above the flames, flicking the remains of the dust from its boney wings. The party screamed as a colossal magma dragon skeleton entered the fray. Mordel dispelled the magic of the floating hand that held him and hid behind his dragon, administering some much needed healing to himself. 

While in shock of the dragon, over half of the party was caught in its flame breath, many falling close to single digits and Keeper getting knocked unconscious. Scrambling, Carrososa was able to get most the party back up, having cast beacon of hope before the blast and having mass healing word at his disposal. The giant, having been a fire giant was unharmed and started tearing into the seared party, scoring some strong hits on Kadence. Drixel took this chance to “parkour” off the dragon and tackle grapple Mordel. In this attempt he was successful, had he failed he would have fallen into the pit. He disrupted a few of Mordel’s spells and got stabbed by an artifact sword for his trouble. Kiva took this chance to get in a few good stabs on Mordel as well. Mordel did not like this, cast cloudkill on himself, being immune to its effects, and on his next turn snuck out of the clutches of Drixel via magic, Drixel falling towards the pit but getting caught by a now visible Keyhaw, who had been trying to find a way to sever an effect on Mordel but kept failing. 

The group noticed that magical tendrils of magic were feeding into Mordel and his shadowy extra skulls were taking the brunt of the damage for him. Mai did his best to keep Kadence a dinosaur but either damage or magic kept knocking her out of the form. Arrows and bullets raked his form, Mordel did not like this, but like a mosquito, this small bird with a blade kept sneaking in and bleeding out his energy. Mordel struck Kiva with a finger of death spell and two large shadow sword strikes, sending the little bird running. 

The giant eventually fell to the mighty combined effort of the party and the group was hit with another fire blast from the dragon. The angel ally had perched on the skull of the beast and struck blow upon blow across its brow but the dragon ignored it, the beast seemed intent on eating the Kadence Rex and Stone in front of it. The party rained blow after blow against this dragon, seeing minor signs of wear and tear forming arounds its edges. Keeper turned into an air elemental and started chasing Mordel, eventually catching up with him and chucking him and Kiva with a whirlwind attack, almost causing Mordel to fall into the pit with Kiva. Kiva, could and can fly so danger was not as sudden as everyone expected. Blast after blast and many lightning bolts rocked the titan sized dragon and eventually one last gunshot to the skull caused it to back up and fall into the pit, catching Kiva and bringing her to the ground. The rest of the group ganged up on Mordel, Kadence charging and grappling him and he slapped her arms away. She tried again and got him and dove off into the pit, taking him with her, as well as Stone for the ride, falling close to three hundred feet. The bottom of the pit was becoming crowded with Kiva, Stone, Kadence, a dead dragon, a slew of dead cultists, and Mordel, but they were joined by Drixel and Mai via dimension door. Mordel wanted to take as many of them with himself and disincorporated himself into an explosion, which Stone canceled with a counterspell. Mordel still dissolved, leaving his gear. Stone grabbed the cloak and started cackling and the rest of the party made their way out of the pit, having had enough of this place. Astra went to grab the skin book but found it was missing. The party rejoiced in their seeming victory and returned to town. After tales of their victory spread the town scheduled a party in their honor. 

Our next adventure begins mid festival with the ground cracking near the party and a massive form burrowing out of the ground… the dreaded tarrasque one shot is next.

Some photos came from Jarrod, one of my players. Thank you for taking pictures, all of mine were from my side of the table, and mostly the back side of a dragon. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 21!

Deep within the lair of Mordel the party of many made their way through fifty-foot-tall and wide hallways, sized possibly for titans, to their first goal, the library. Astra the changeling wizard of invention, Drixel the barbarian rogue, Carrososa the turtle life cleric, Japachi the lizard folk druid, Chance the cat folk ranger, Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the artificer harpy, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Striker the Kenku sniper, Stone the warmage warforged, and Mai the satyr bard crept through the pyramid. Striker was able to lead the group through most of the pyramid easily, having been until very recently trapped within its cold confines. The party noted what appeared to be wing marks on the walls and eventually found themselves at a rusted iron door. Drixel greased the hinge and the party was able to crack the door a bit, getting hit by a humid breeze from within. The once great library had been waterlogged, once great tomes made way for fungal growth. The walls and shelves were hidden by fungus and both large and small mushrooms. Within they found a strange mushroom man with a watering can dampening the mushrooms in the area. 

Mai approached him after calling out and getting no response and felt a shortness of breath and could see strange motes of energy floating around the camber. The rest of the party watched as Mai stood still and locked eyes with the creature, not knowing that Mai had just told the thing that they were there to kill Mordel, the spore telepathy made no sound of course. They watched in horror as two thirty-foot-tall mushroom creatures came out of the shelves and the strange little mushroom man started banging around his watering can, which clanged loudly with an alarm. Battle began with Striker landing three arrows critically into the mushroom man and the rest of the party rushing in and fighting the other two larger ones. Mai silenced the mushroom man’s watering can. Numerous party members hung out in the hall and started to detect far off boot steps and entered the library, throwing magical spells and arrows at the stomping giant mushrooms and their smaller friend. Red was able to fire off a few shots, the echoes of the blast traveled much further into the complex, Jewell was able to hit with her eldritch blasts, moving the creatures around the field. Carrososa used his spirit guardians to tear apart the mushrooms as well. Japachi was able to use her flame blade to cut into the mushrooms and Chance landed a few arrows into the monsters. As the flames were stopping the mushrooms from growing bigger, Astra investigated the one book shelf that seemed to have nothing growing on top of it. She found a strange little preserved study with a tome bound in what seemed to be pale elf flesh. The Tome of Mordel gave the party insight into the life of this strange undead wizard and his three brothers. The group eventually killed off the three mushrooms and burning the remains trying to keep the mushrooms from growing back, there seemed to be some kind of magical energy watering this room as well as growing more guardians. The group closed the library door and hid within a tiny hut of magical energy, Astra changing her shape to look like the mushroom man and grabbing his watering can. 

A greeting was shouted from outside the door, then a knocking, and eventually the door was opened by a familiar looking satyr storyteller. Keyhaw and two animated scarecrows wearing large oversized boots with loose bones tied to their bodies entered the room and addressed the mage turned mushroom man by making eye contact and straining his face. When he realized that the mushroom man could not hear him, he addressed the mage vocally, stating he was here as a friend. The party realized he was there and a few members came out of the hut to greet him. They all rested and recovered from the battle and were able to regain their health and spells. After their rest they caught up with Keyhaw and noticed there was a massive mushroom growing in the back forgotten corner, larger than any the group had seen before. After debating the merits of popping it they decided to leave and never come back to this chamber. 

They made their way carefully to the prison area and saw the room was guarded by four horned devils and within one of the cages they could make out a passed-out form of a large white skinned and winged creature. The party waited outside the chamber while Mai cast the tiny hut spell. As the spell was finished Kadence was polymorphed into a t-rex and charged the horned devils, taking them by surprise. Drixel charged in as well attempting to make his way to the caged figure and stabbing the devils on the way, he took a few hits and was viciously bleeding. The rest of the group sat safely in the hut, stepping out to attack and disappearing back into the enclosure. Japachi sent out a moon beam as well, causing the devils an almost constant damage. The devils hit hard and the party watched as Kadence rex was losing more blood than was reasonable from the hits she was taking. Keyhaw ran out and healed both Kadence and Drixel, ending their bleeding. The group focused down, wiping out the devils before anyone else could get magically cursed wounds. After the combat they found the angel creature in the cage. They attempted to open it and set off the trap, taking minor fire damage. The angel was alive but unconscious and they pumped some healing and good berries into it. The angel thanked them and summoned a blade from nothing, seeking vengeance against Mordel for the torture they had endured while stuck in this prison. The party was split between stealing the rest of the angel bones in the other cages or leaving them, so Carrososa blessed the ground and laid them to rest. 

The angel, Keyhaw, and the group made their way to the barracks. Keyhaw gave everyone some candy that restored their health and spells as they snuck across the pyramid. They found wide open doors leading to a massive chamber with large shelves on the walls stacked with bones and the dead. In the center of the room were several battalions of skeletons wearing ancient armor. The few of the party decided after seeing around a thousand skeletons in the chamber, sending up a fire wall and expecting the skeletons to run into it. They heard orders barked out in an ancient dialect and moments later a hail of arced arrows rained down on the party, wounding all except Kiva, the swashbuckler that finally had caught up to them. The party took out around ten of the skeletons and decided to run away, hearing more of the ancient words and more arrows came down around them. They exited the chamber from the door they entered and Mai used another tiny hut spell to secure the door, using an ancient fey trick of leaving blood and a miniature version of the caster within the structure and the group ran off to the deep dig site, leaving what they hoped was the final chamber, the throne room for last.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 20!!

In the morning the party found themselves at the entrance of the ruined city at the base of a mountain with a stranger in front of them. The party consisted of Astra the changeling wizard of invention, Drixel the barbarian rogue, Carrososa the turtle life cleric, Japachi the lizark folk druid, Chance the cat folk ranger, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Stone the warmage warforged, Keeper the Aasimir druid, Braa formerly known as Awesome Bro the harpy rogue, Kiva harpy swashbuckler, and Mai the satyr bard. The group did their usual preliminary questions to make sure Astra was not evil or out to kill them. 

Meanwhile inside the giant adamantine pyramid Striker the raven folk ranger noticed light for the first time in a while, his unknowing jailer gave away plot details revealing mega plots. Striker took this moment to escape from the pyramid and make his way across the city proper. The rest of the group with new friend Astra could hear and see strange large sized figures patrolling inside the city, the new stealth crew flew up to investigate while Astra walked over to see if they were friendly. She quickly found out that the grave elementals were indeed not friendly but evil skull filled dirt monsters. 

The party took quick action as six of these creatures charged the front line at the gates. Astra started the fray with a quick fire bolt and hiding around the corner, Drixel moved up closer to the pack, trying to divert the monsters from hitting squishy opponents, Carrososa used guiding bolt to highlight one of the elementals, Japachi used her calling card spell MOON BEAM, Chance tore into the guided monster with two arrows, and then the elemental swarm moved, throwing wild punches in the parties direction as well as a few ranged skull attacks as well. Kadence swung in, charging one of the leading elementals, Stone used fire bolt, Keeper cast fairy fire (the play of the game) granting all of his allies advantage on all attacks against the elementals, Braa used his short bow to greatly hamper one of the elementals with a well placed shot, Kiva ran up to one of the elementals and held her attack, and Mia turned Kiva into a dinosaur again, triggering Kiva’s attack on the elementals. The first round was tricky but quicker than normal. 

The melee devolved into area of effect spells and spiritual guardians sealing the fates of elementals that tried to pursue foes on the map as well as stationary problems. Astra misty stepped away from the melee to try and light up a wall of fire but went with a fire bolt instead. The elementals got in a few good hits on the party while getting battered with multiple barbarians, dinosaur attacks, and divine energy thwapping upside their skulls. There was a moment where Stone was casting haste and a deathlock came out of hiding to attempt to counter spell it but failed so very badly, the spell went off and the dinosaur was much faster. The undead fled with magic. After a few round the elementals were broken and Striker, the wayward ranger ambled back up to the group. He animatedly pantomimed to Mai that there is a three headed skull man with a dragon. The party was unphased and prepared themselves to raid the pyramid, they first had to cross the rest of the city but at least they knew what they might be facing. 

They healed up a bit while they walked. At the giant crack in the mountain the group saw two more of the deathlocks in the opening on guard duty. They looked bored out in the sunlight. Astra used wall of fire and started roasting the undead, which took their turn to get out of the flames. The party descended on the deathlocks like starving hounds. The undead were able to dismiss the magical dinosaur in the room and restrain her with unholy energy and get off a few other blasts of blight and eldritch blast but eventually were both picked up and held in the wall of fire by the barbarians. Screams of pain echoed across the dead city and through the flames, bouncing off of beautiful black marble floors and walls of the adamantine pyramid. Victorious, the party gathered up and made ready to enter the tomb of Mordel. 

With two sessions left, what awaits our heroes?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 19

The party of Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the artificer harpy, Stone the warforged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Limbsmasher the goliath wizard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler, Keeper the Druid, Awesome Bro the other harpy rogue, Mai the satyr bard, Drixel the cat folk barbarian rogue, the gnome druid, and Kroska the turtle person life cleric set about making camp for the night. Kadence and the familiar Tiny took first watch when Kadence noticed movement and the sounds of digging coming from near their camp. She came across a black scaled dragon, emaciated and undead digging among the dead trees. She backed away and her hooves scuffed a rock, causing the undead dragon to notice the group.

Combat was initiated and the party was quick to move against the dragon, throwing spells and attacks its way. The beast called out, howling to unseen allies and followed with a blast of acid breath, hitting a few of the party members. Then the gnome cast call lightning and blasted the dragon often, Jewell used her eldritch blasts to move the dragon around the battlefield, Yucatrill got off a few good shots from his thunder cannon, Kroska was able to bring a few of his allies back from terrible wounds, Limbsmasher dropped some walls of fire and fireballs on the dragon, Keeper attempted to faire fire the dragon but it leapt out of the way, Awesome Bro shot a few arrows from a relatively safe distance, Kadence got up real close to the dragon, Kiva got closer to the dragon holding her attack, Stone hasted Kiva, Mai cast polymorph on Kiva turning her into a tyrannosaurus and used his inspiration to send Kiva to the dragon flailing with multiple attacks, and Drixel ran up and stabbed at the dragon.

The dragon, having taken some grievous blows fought back, eventually took wing and knocked a few of the party prone and flew off. A second dragon appeared with a rider, a deathlock. The two of them laid into the party with breath attacks and attempted spells, Stone using counterspell to great effect. The first dragon eventually fell to the combined attacks of the party and the rider of the second dragon was forced to laugh at a bad joke. The dragon recognized its master was unhinged and fled from its attackers. Around this time the party heard odd splashes from the distance and a large breaking of dead trees. A long dead kraken was pulling its way out of the water by using the trees. It got near the party and unleashed a long line of lightning, catching a few unaware. Kiva attempted to run from the kraken but was grabbed by its tentacle and slammed on the ground.

The party attacked the kraken and finished off the dragon, its rider had regained composure and teleported away. The kraken was forced to flee, having fallen victim to a bard and the party swung but barely scratched its hide. Kiva was slammed again and was placed inside the kraken’s mouth, its undead beak bruising her frail form. The party came up with numerous plans while blasting the kraken, the gnome fled, leaving a fog cloud behind, having had enough of this drama. Kiva was able to escape the beak and stab the kraken, fleeing after the wound was dealt. She made it to her companions, who set forth more magic against the beast and got into better tactical positions. Kiva, Keeper, and Kroska all happened to be standing in a line and the kraken seized the opportunity, blasting its last line of lighting before it moved up to Stone. Limbsmasher threw a wall of fire on the kraken and Kadence finished the job. The party took a deep breath, healed each other back from certain death, and rested in a tiny magical hut, hopefully to be safe for the rest of the night. 

Dwarf One Shot!!

We had a game store session the night before Thanksgiving with five players, everyone else had returned home or traveled elsewhere for the night. I brought out a dusty one-shot adventure I wrote a few years ago concerning a party of dwarves leaving their clan hold to gain glory. Each player chose a premade dwarf, we had a fighter, cleric of knowledge, druid, sorcerer, and a ranger. I prewarned each player that some of the encounters might be a bit difficult only having the five party members but reminded them we had a pile of other characters just in case. 

Their mission was to use their map to find their way to a neighboring clan hold that had gone silent, and to get there before the dwarven army that left them behind. The group descended the airducts and found themselves in a chamber with goblins and combat ensued, the party was able to defeat them with only a few scary hits and found some healing mushrooms. They made their way down an adjoining tunnel and found an underground highway lined with giant mushrooms. They looked north and south trying to figure out which way to go and remembered the map pointed south. They encountered strange reptilian wolves that looked trained and could hear boots behind them quite a way off with more barks following. They fought off the three wolves and made their way to a strange stone mushroom that had a secret door behind it, letting them escape before the hobgoblins could find them. They chose to rest at this point, having closed the door behind them and finding thousands of stairs ahead of them. 

After resting the party went up the stairs, finding themselves raising higher within the mountain range than they expected. They found an exit, but the sight they could see from their hidden wall was not promising, there were three half ogres sitting around their fire. The cleric decided to call out to them that he was their god, and one of the three was curious, so he put his ear to the wall. The ranger took this chance to bury his blade into the ogre’s ear through the wall’s eye slit. That ogre ran while the other two, not trusting wall god, used their axes to cut through the wall. The party set upon those two quickly disposing them but the stabbed one had run away. From the gates of the quiet dwarven city he threw a javelin at the fighter, pinning him into the wall and startling the rest of the party. This began the crazy time. As the party tried to kill this ogre both the fighter and the druid were knocked unconscious and almost killed by the ogre, while the cleric, sorcerer, and cleric knew better than getting to close. They eventually got him down and pushed the bodies off the cliff face. 

The group retreated to their broken tunnel and rested again. Eight hours later they tried the doors, which magically opened for their dwarven blood. They found the raided armory as well as the kitchen. In the kitchen they found a fat gremlin eating the old food and it barfed on them for scaring it. The gremlin tried to run away but was cut down swiftly by the party. The group made their way to the old mine area and found a dark elf with bound dwarves on a cart with hobgoblins and goblins loading more dwarves into the carts. Combat ensued and the dark elf and beetle fleeing, leaving his minions behind. The fighter charged into the room, smashing a goblin into paste. The hobgoblin near him pulled back and launched an arrow critically into the fighter’s head, killing him instantly. The rest of the party took the appearance of a paladin to their ranks well, and sent spells and arrows into the chamber, trying to save the dwarves and kill the goblinoids. They were able to clear out the monsters and save the dwarves. The adventure ended with the surviving party hearing more dwarves from their clan raiding the front of the keep and seeing webs blocking the passage the drow had taken his captives. It was fun to run this adventure again but it still needs some tweaking.