Sunday, June 4, 2017

Book Gnome Summer reading recommendations:

Most libraries and book stores have some sort of summer reading program starting up now that school is or soon will be out. Here are a few of my favorite kid’s books to help fill out those reading journals.
Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. Young boy Percy finds he is related to the Greek gods and must get back Zeus’s master bolt or war will break out among the gods. Part Harry Potter mixed with Greek mythology. There are five books in his main series focusing on Percy and friends, three books about the Egyptian mythology, a book of cross over short stories between the two, a second series of five books with new and old characters on another epic quest, two books so far about a fallen god trying to get his groove back, and two books about the Norse myths. Rick Riordan is also starting a publishing imprint with three other authors writing their own mythic children’s stories from other world cultures. More info on Rick Riordan can be found here

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, by Jo Nesbo. I am ashamed with myself for not writing about this sooner. Young boy Nilly and his friend Lisa meet a strange Doctor that makes odd experiments, one of which is a powder that lets children fart as much as they want but there is never a smell. His super strong batch causes the farter to fly for short distances at times and they somehow use this to solve mysteries in Norway. We have four books so far, the self-titled Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, Bubble in the Bathtub, Who cut the Cheese, and The Magical Fruit. I am also excited we are getting a new book in October of 2017, Silent (But Deadly) Night. This series is great for fans of the Wimpy Kid books but need more reading than pictures. There is action and mystery, as well as time travel, a super powered frog man and aliens. Jo Nesbo also writes cripplingly adult murder mystery books featuring a dark and grizzled Inspector Harry Hole. More information on the worlds of Jo Nesbo can be found here

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