Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Gnome Summer reading recommendations part 2

Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull. Two children go to their grandparents’ house and find out the estate they live on is a wildlife preserve for magical monsters. These books are amazing and once you meet the monsters it is nonstop adventure and danger. There are five books in the first series and a new book starting the long-awaited sequel series. Both Kendra and Seth narrate as our gateway into the world of magic and monsters. The author also has two other series about children and monsters featured next.

A World Without Heroes, by Brandon Mull. In the Beyonders series, Jason, a normal, sporty child ends up in a strange magical world after an incident with a hippo. He and his new friend Rachel are tasked with finding a word of unmaking and killing the evil sorcerer king that has overthrown the world and enveloped it in darkness. Things are never easy and many friends are lost along the way. There are three books in the series. I love that in this trilogy he made up his own monsters, some of which are terrifying. Many of the magical creatures were made or bred by the bad guy so we are unsure of who to trust.

Sky Raiders, by Brandon Mull. On Halloween, Cole and his friends go to a haunted house and are kidnapped by slavers from another world. Cole ends up with the Sky Raiders and his friends are all taken elsewhere.  He makes it his goal to find and free everyone, feeling responsible because of the haunted house. I loved that the Sky Raiders delve into floating towers and steal magical items from the inhabitants before the towers fall into an abyss. This series combines everything Brandon Mull has proven he excels at, more monsters from both his own worlds and ours as well as great characters. The world of the Five Kingdoms has different magic for each kingdom, one might have strong magical enchantments with items and in another illusion magic reigns supreme. For more information on the works of Brandon Mull check out his website

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