Friday, August 3, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 7

Within sight of the Drake’s Fortune the party decided it was time to plan. The crow ranger used the spyglass and could see four different Jazinas walking around the ship, ogres with small ballista walking the triple decks of the ship, a blue ogre talking to the Jazina at the helm, odd Nothic eye beasts patrolling parts of the decks, gnolls manning small row boats filling the water, and a dark shape looming under the massive ship. They chose to toss in the titan hydra scale and then address their troops, the fifty minotaur and the two ogres they had on board with them as well as the quickling and the human cleric Kiel. As the captain, the satyr paladin, was summing up the plan with as much forethought as “get em” they heard sizzling from the water, the waves shifted, and the titan hydra grabbed the kraken from under the water and body-slammed it on the fleet of row boats that were surrounding the Drake’s Fortune. The quickling was sent aboard the Drake’s Fortune to cause havoc but no sign of him was seen since he ran across the water, stabbing gnoll as he passed. The party drew their ship in close to the Drake’s Fortune and sent ballista bolts with ropes attached to them to latch onto the ship. The ship had come in close enough that the barbarian centaur just jumped the twenty-foot distance, the paladin close on her hooves. They quickly encountered and distracted the three ogres with the oversized crossbows while other foes made to slow the party down. The lizard swashbuckler used one of the ballista and shot an ogre on the lower deck, which the ogre tried to return by shooting it back with his oversized crossbow but just became tangled in the rope having not pulled it from his body the proper way. Both the crow ranger and the catfolk blood hunter launched long range arrows at the crew and captain of the ship, drawing her attention. She used her wand of fireball to return the favor, hitting most of the party and burning their sails. After that the ranged fighters chose to spread out and get to the other ship by piggybacking with the minotaur over the open water. The minotaur started pulling the ships closer together via their ropes, keeping the ships from drifting too far apart and a boarding crew took the chance to climb aboard and go looking for their captured kin. The other group of party members went into the lower decks to battle against unseen foes. The paladin rode on the barbarian’s back helping her bash ogres and Nothic eye beast monsters in the thick of things. Our swashbuckler made his way over on one of the ropes and closed in on the rope confused ogre, which had fled into one of the doorways inside the ship. The swashbuckler turned the corner and ran the ogre through and noticed Jazina further in the ship. She cast a spell at him which caused his balance to be wrecked, making both walking and shooting his bow somewhat difficult, and she ran back into the ship, locking the door. While off kilter the swashbuckler was able to pull off a trick shot bounced off of Kiel’s helm and into an ogre. At this point the blood hunter made his way over and helped the swashbuckler right himself. The minotaur with the crow on its back had breached one of the doors and found the oar room with most of the minotaur chained to oars being whipped by a sickly gnoll and at his feet was the quickling laying in a pool of its own blood. The minotaur siege team took quick care of the gnoll and made to unlock their allies. Off at the back end of the room Jazina could be seen leveling a long tube with a wooden grip at the crow, a loud bang filled the air along with smoke and an inch sphere of metal lodged into him. The tube had blown up a bit and the Jazina dove behind minotaur for cover. The crow waited till she popped back up, being rewarded with her rising up with a wand leveled at him. He put two arrows into her face and as she fell back the wand discharged creating a globe of fire hitting a large portion of the minotaur. The crow spent the rest of the battle helping heal the wounded and saving the worse off ones from death, even the quickling, he also helped unbind the minotaur to help the others. The more abled bodied made their way deeper into the ship, taking out unseen threats. After the last ogre on deck perished from terrible blows from arrows, war hammers, and electric great sword strikes, the forgotten blue ogre caught the paladin, barbarian, and cleric Kiel in a cone of cold and ice, bringing them close to death. Two Jazinas made their way to the party, one creating fear in the minds of the cleric and the barbarian causing them to flee, and the other trying and failing to dominate the paladin. The blood hunter was attempting to scout other areas of the ship and ran face first into another eye beast, which he slammed the door on and attempted to brace it and flee, the creature did get off one of its eye effects, causing the blood hunter’s skin to rot. The blood hunter ran all the way back to the other ship, leaving the swashbuckler to deal with this dire foe. After a few attempts the swashbuckler was able to rend the foe and start sending arrows at the ogre as well. Kiel tried to keep up with the healing but there were so many injuries to work on that he was spread thin. Seeing the tables turning the paladin used his dance charm to catch Jazinas but failing to catch the ogre. The barbarian fled and after a few moments to calm herself charged on a lower deck and brought pain to the lesser of the two dancing Jazina, which also took an arrow to the skull from the blood hunter a few ships away, ending her threat. The ogre, seeing things were looking dire, if not just odd, charmed the paladin to stop dancing and Jazina cast her teleportation spell taking the ogre along with her. The party took stock of their situation as a few odd booms shook the ship and noted that not only did two of them get away, but another Jazina did not join the fight, the ship was starting to tip just slightly. The two sailors on the group realized the ship was slowly sinking from the way it was pitching and started looting the ship for supplies and munitions. Once they secured their gear and survivors the titan hydra thanked them for the chance of battle and offered to help speed their travel home with their liberated friends. Each player gets to choose either a plus one weapon or armor now as a reward for completing this story arc.

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