Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 9

The party was sent off to investigate one of the goliath keeps on the border separating the giant lands from the rest of the island. The group consisted of the crow ranger, centaur barbarian, lizard swashbuckler, human wizard, satyr bard, minotaur bard, goliath wizard, satyr barbarian, dragon born fighter, and cat folk blood hunter. Upon arrival they found the keep silent, the door barred from the outsider, and blood on the northern wall. the walls were twenty-foot-tall stone, the front doors stone and metal. The lizard, cat, and crow got on top of the wall and noticed a stone inner building with a dirt courtyard with five dead goliaths, four from crushing wounds and another seeming from blood loss on the north wall, his leg was missing. They also noticed the inside face of the stone entrance was covered in bloody hand prints and the door to the small structure within the keep was broken. The lizard threw a stone onto one of the bodies on the dirt and watched as pincers bit and started pulling the body under the dirt. The party launched bolts, arrows, and spells into the area, as the rest of the group had climbed up the lizard’s rope to investigate with them. Out of the dirt burrowed three more of the creatures, Ankheg, and another came up behind the party, that was nicknamed the squamous ankheg, a horrible mutation with spider legs, scorpion stingers, a back full of spines, and nightmare fuel physique. The party took some damage, a few became grappled by the beasts and the scary one sprayed acid on the party. The swashbuckler shot the crow by accident, and the goliath wizard was able to nuke the bugs with a fireball, ignoring his allies with his knowledge of the spell. The minotaur got to gore a few of the monsters as well. shit got real for the party when the scary squamous ankheg sprouted wings and flew down to bother the barbarian, which fell victim to the scorpion tails taking minimal damage but becoming poisoned. She later saved against the poison and destroyed the eggs attempting to take root within. The party was able to destroy these foul monstrosities before taking too much damage. They investigated the smaller structure within finding more broken bodies and the lizard and crow tried to sneak past them. The Satyr barbarian loudly broke down the door, ruining the parties attempt at stealth. From behind the bodies a small voice was heard and they found a pixie in a lantern, which half the party wanted to eat. The pixie got away and told them they would need to report what had happened to their boss, the fort would need new guardians and a strange satyr person showed up and these monsters came with him. The satyr bard matched the description of the satyr with the monster making satyr they met in the first session and the plot thickened. At this moment they heard from the sky a horrible screech and saw a stitched together wyvern gliding down at the keep. They leap to battle and ran out of the keep to face it on the ground after the satyr bard cast hideous laughter on it. They had bunched up and made ready to charge when a second screech made them aware of a second creature, another small frost dragon with blackened and bruised scales. The dragon blasted the party with a cone of dark ice, hitting all that were bunched at the front gate. The wyvern also hit the barbarian with a wicked tail stinger but the poison did not kick in. The party wailed on both of them, quickly destroying both. At this point they heard stirring within the smaller building and noticed the bodies of the goliaths shuddering, as if they were full of hatched bug monsters, so the centaur ran in and stomped the bodies and bugs into paste. The party took this chance to rest and, in the morning, headed back to town, finding a reward of one hundred and fifty gold waiting for them.

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