Sunday, September 30, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 11!!

In their wanderings the party found a firbolg barbarian that did not say much as well as their paladin satyr and catfolk warlock waiting for them back in the sword in the king room. The eleven of them tried to wrap their head around the mystery and the paladin decided to try to bend the sword with his shield. He took some necrotic damage and the human wizard got an idea. He cast levitate on the sword and it rose out of the king’s chest and disappeared. There was a disembodied maniacal chuckling and the group chose to leave the castle. They wandered the castle plateau until they saw torches in the distance and could hear large groups of frog men croaking. They were searching the city for the intruders and the party too evasive actions. The group made their way down to a lower level via magic, ropes, and sick monk tricks, making their way past a few of the roving bands of frog guards and lion sized frog monsters. They made it to a crossroads and figured they could set up an ambush to take out a few of the guards. they saw large sized frog men with two heads each looking over the tops of some of the buildings as well as a few smaller frogs in regal garb or armor. The ambush worked well, they started a few of the buildings on fire and engaged the monsters viciously. By the end a few buildings had been knocked down and a few smaller fires had grown into a respectable blaze. The giant two headed frog men took an overabundance of effort to take down but succumbed to the military strike force of a party. Once satisfied the party made their way further into the city, knowing the fires would lure the frogs away from themselves. They made their way to the next ledge leading to the lower part of the city and used the same strategy as last time, repelling with ropes, magic, and sass. They found the last portion of the city sunken under the waves and out in the deeper waters could see a large wooden platform between a few of the long-broken towers with a gathering of both normal and large sized frog men preforming some sort of ritual. They made their way closer on some stolen boats, splitting into three groups, one was the stealth boat, the other two made too much noise. The stealth boat also featured most of the ranged characters with height stealth, so to the casual observer it would appear to be just an errant boat in the water. They sailed over, saw a cultist frog man person in the midst of driving a dagger at a bound figure, and let loose with arrows. The cultist pretty much exploded, gore soaking his fellow croakers and his lifeless body falling onto the platform. The rest of the frogs started running around readying weapons and one of the large sized frogs cradled its fallen friend in its arms. The hasted monk ran past the crowd of panicked frogs, grabbed the sacrificial victim, and jumped into the stealth boat. They realized the victim was the archaeologist they were hired by and started to undo his bindings. Within the chaos the other boats snuck up and the fight was joined by everyone. Fire and lightning rained down upon the frogs and the lizard swashbuckler felt something pass him in the water, so also came up top to fight. The fight was quick except for two stronger frog men with skills in sward and spell, but their resistance was fruitless, they succumbed to death. The party gathered around the archaeologist and he cast a teleportation circle to return them to the surface.

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