Sunday, September 30, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 12!

Hired to investigate strange necrotic energies escaping a forgotten jail from an older age, the party found themselves under the town of Thunder’s Point again. The group consisted of a half orc barbarian, goliath wizard, turtle man cleric of the grave, the satyr bard, lizard folk druid, catfolk ranger, lizard folk swashbuckler, catfolk blood hunter, centaur barbarian, and bird folk ranger. They entered a thirty-foot square chamber with plaster walls over hewn stone, and as the last member passed the threshold the entrance disappeared, and a faint miasma of green mist hung around the party’s ankles. They fumbled around in the dark for a bit until the wizard remembered his light spell. The turtle man found a space where the wall seemed to be flimsy and pushed his way through, revealing a hallway further into the darkness. The group moved forward, leaving the ranged characters behind. The centaur pushed ahead and found a large sized ogre skeleton hunched in the corner so she poked it, causing it to attempt to bite her neck. It missed and brushed past her neck clacking sweet nothings harmlessly. The group murdered it before it could act again. The walls started cracking and four more skeletons pushed through the walls and attacked the party from all angles. The skeletons hit hard but were put down rather easily. The party ventured forth, finding the hallway went on for hundred of feet and there were cells covered over by plaster. The mist was thicker here, and the party kept checking to make sure it was not gas, noting more of a chlorine or ammonia spell. They broke into a few of the cells and stole bones noticing that this place was strange, the prison area was just walled up after the inmates died. They eventually found a giant door with green mist curling out from underneath it. Doing the rational thing, the centaur barbarian threw the half orc barbarian at the door, bursting it open. Mist poured out of the faintly lit room, the party could see it originated from two large basins on the far end and there was a ghostly robed troll floating above them. The party instinctively attacked him and he summoned four glowing skulls to assist in the battle. The group tied to take out the troll witch and found the skulls interposing themselves to block the party. The skulls themselves kept biting people which not only damaged them but caused the victims to feel weaker. The cleric in the group used dispel magic on one of them and knocked it out of the air, killing it. the wizards used lighting and fire to attack and were able to cause quite the bit of damage. The troll, seeing the party was still in the entryway had teleported behind them and attacked a few times and noticed they were clumped. He used an ability that allowed him to ghost in a line, dealing damage to everyone he touched, which was half the party. The characters that made their saving throws took fifteen damage, those who failed took the fifteen and also had their hit point maximum lowered by fifteen points too. Enraged the party destroyed the troll, made sure the cisterns of mist were either broken or rendered non-working and made their way back to the surface to the reward of some new magic items.  

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