Thursday, November 15, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 18

The party was instructed by their leaders, the elder council to investigate the strange mountain by the lake mentioned by the witches on their last adventure. Yuukakaral the artificer harpy, Kadence, Stone, Kiva, Chance, Mai, Jewell, and Japachi made their way across the countryside, passing into giant land and heading for a dead forest that borders the lake and the mountain. 

In the middle of their path was a strange cloaked figure with skin pulled tight against its skull. The party called out to it and it told them that if they were from Godmoot and seek Mordel, they would go no further. The party evaded admitting that was their town of origin and Mai started playing his hurdy gurdy. The creature, bored of the sounds it made and summoned a wall of skeletons and prepared for battle. Yuukakaral flew into the air and shot the figure, its cloak rolling back to reveal light blue radiance coming from its empty sockets, and they all watched as spiders and worse ran between its mouth and cloak. The Skeletons readied their weapons as Kadence, with Mai on her back, charged them, leaping at the last minute over their blockade, taking a few small spear wounds, and laid into the figure, now identified as a deathlock. Stone went to throw a fireball at the skeleton swarm and watched as another deathlock appeared, countering his spell. Kiva flew in and stabbed the caster in the gut and retreated. The second one cast a holding spell on Kiva, freezing her stiff as another deathlock appeared and started raking her with its terrible claws. The charged deathlock confused the mind of the centaur, using crown of madness, making her attacks wild and dangerous to her allies. 

They found they had not only the skeleton swarm but four actual deathlocks on the battlefield. Chance put a few arrows into the one holding Kiva, causing her to break free of the effect and Mia dropped a hypnotic pattern on the cluster including Kiva, only effecting her so Mia broke the spell. Jewell threw a few eldritch blasts at the deathlocks but they went wide. Jewell started her call lightning spell, causing bolts of lighting to strike down on a foe every round, again almost hitting Kiva again. The party fought valiantly against this force of spell casting and bashing creatures, Yuukakaral was pulled from the sky and slammed into the ground, Jewell summoned a swarm of eight Dretches to fight the skeletons, after much chaos and carnage the four deathlocks fell to the party. The skeletons were destroyed by the combined forces of the Dretch swarm and the party picking off the last few. They watched as five more deathlocks showed themselves on a nearby ridge, laughed maniacally and faded from view. 

The party rested and Jewell had her swarm of minions run off into direction they were headed to scout ahead, sending Tiny, her familiar, with them. Eventually she got word back they could see the mountain a few miles away. as the party picked up to travel more a loudly approaching monstrosity could be heard. They watched as a huge demon with a boar face and tiny terrible wings on its back bellowed at them, yelling it was contract bound to destroy them. Combat ensued as the nalfeshnee attempted to tear into the party and the attacks on the group were bouncing off the beast. Mai worked to keep the party moving away from the beast while it was using a fear aura to control the battlefield in its own way. After being hit with a hail of thorns, a vampiric touch, numerous lightning bolts, and attacked by a wizard turned t-rex, the beast eventually fell to the party, but not before it spread its fear and quite a few claws and bites. 

The group mounted up the warforged wizard and rode off into the sunset. They made good time and the t-rex popped back into wizard form as they came into sight of their goal, the mountain lair of Mordel.

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