Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dwarf One Shot!!

We had a game store session the night before Thanksgiving with five players, everyone else had returned home or traveled elsewhere for the night. I brought out a dusty one-shot adventure I wrote a few years ago concerning a party of dwarves leaving their clan hold to gain glory. Each player chose a premade dwarf, we had a fighter, cleric of knowledge, druid, sorcerer, and a ranger. I prewarned each player that some of the encounters might be a bit difficult only having the five party members but reminded them we had a pile of other characters just in case. 

Their mission was to use their map to find their way to a neighboring clan hold that had gone silent, and to get there before the dwarven army that left them behind. The group descended the airducts and found themselves in a chamber with goblins and combat ensued, the party was able to defeat them with only a few scary hits and found some healing mushrooms. They made their way down an adjoining tunnel and found an underground highway lined with giant mushrooms. They looked north and south trying to figure out which way to go and remembered the map pointed south. They encountered strange reptilian wolves that looked trained and could hear boots behind them quite a way off with more barks following. They fought off the three wolves and made their way to a strange stone mushroom that had a secret door behind it, letting them escape before the hobgoblins could find them. They chose to rest at this point, having closed the door behind them and finding thousands of stairs ahead of them. 

After resting the party went up the stairs, finding themselves raising higher within the mountain range than they expected. They found an exit, but the sight they could see from their hidden wall was not promising, there were three half ogres sitting around their fire. The cleric decided to call out to them that he was their god, and one of the three was curious, so he put his ear to the wall. The ranger took this chance to bury his blade into the ogre’s ear through the wall’s eye slit. That ogre ran while the other two, not trusting wall god, used their axes to cut through the wall. The party set upon those two quickly disposing them but the stabbed one had run away. From the gates of the quiet dwarven city he threw a javelin at the fighter, pinning him into the wall and startling the rest of the party. This began the crazy time. As the party tried to kill this ogre both the fighter and the druid were knocked unconscious and almost killed by the ogre, while the cleric, sorcerer, and cleric knew better than getting to close. They eventually got him down and pushed the bodies off the cliff face. 

The group retreated to their broken tunnel and rested again. Eight hours later they tried the doors, which magically opened for their dwarven blood. They found the raided armory as well as the kitchen. In the kitchen they found a fat gremlin eating the old food and it barfed on them for scaring it. The gremlin tried to run away but was cut down swiftly by the party. The group made their way to the old mine area and found a dark elf with bound dwarves on a cart with hobgoblins and goblins loading more dwarves into the carts. Combat ensued and the dark elf and beetle fleeing, leaving his minions behind. The fighter charged into the room, smashing a goblin into paste. The hobgoblin near him pulled back and launched an arrow critically into the fighter’s head, killing him instantly. The rest of the party took the appearance of a paladin to their ranks well, and sent spells and arrows into the chamber, trying to save the dwarves and kill the goblinoids. They were able to clear out the monsters and save the dwarves. The adventure ended with the surviving party hearing more dwarves from their clan raiding the front of the keep and seeing webs blocking the passage the drow had taken his captives. It was fun to run this adventure again but it still needs some tweaking.

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