Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 13!

Having done a great job solving mysteries, the party was tasked with investigating a site where the flesh melding satyr known as Kalish Blackfur supposedly was making monsters. The group of heroes consisted of the crow ranger, centaur barbarian, harpy swashbuckler, catfolk blood hunter, dragonborn war cleric, dragonborn battle master fighter, goliath wizard, Aasimar druid, half orc barbarian, satyr bard, lizard folk druid, catfok barbarian/rogue, human wizard, and human monk. The fourteen of them found themselves at the entry tunnel to the cavern Kalish seemed to be working out of. The chamber was well lit, had torches around the perimeter with four stone slabs in the center of the main room. In a dimly lit area beyond they saw a second deeper chamber with a familiar satyr to a few of them about a hundred feet away. 

Wasting no time at all the crow shot three arrows at the satyr, causing him to throw up a magical shield. The barbarian charged ahead and changed direction when she saw the large dragon form in the corner, its scaled dark brown and like the dragons encountered before, the entire beast seemed sewn together. She slashed mightily into its neck. The harpy flew in and got off a shot at the dragon and hid behind one of the slabs, noticing in the next chamber another dragon. The blood hunter fired on Kalish, sending arrows into the darkness. The dragonborn cleric shot his crossbow at the closest dragon being vexed by the centaur, the dragonborn fighter shot his longbow at the same beast, the goliath wizard used firebolt, and the druid aasimar druid used his sling. The dragon’s scales proved tough against their assault. The half orc barbarian entered the fray and slashed at the creature as well but to no avail. The satyr bard used his ability to grant movement to his allies and himself letting the human monk and barbarian catfolk move closer to their enemies. The lizardfolk druid threw fire and moonlight at her enemies. The catfolk barbarian took that opportunity to charge the satyr villain and grapple him. Necromancers are not known for their esteemed skills of wrestling and he became screwed. The barbarian also stabbed him with his sword in his other hand, setting up the necromancer for more pain, and noticed the third stitched dragon. The human wizard cast haste on the human monk, and she stunned the first dragon and continued to whale on him. the necromancer misty stepped away to try to escape but only made it to his exit chute in the ceiling. One of the dragons used his breath weapon, a line of acid on a cluster of the party, ruining a few of their days and causing a bit of a panic. The other dragon lashed out at the cluster heroes, causing a bit of damage. The stunned dragon sat their complacent but lost in thought. The party did great, focusing their firepower on the dragon’s master, the necromancer, as well as the stunned dragon. The grapple barbarian used his catfolk climbing and speed boost to grab the necromancer again and wretch him from the wall. They both fell, further dampening the mood of the necromancer, he tried to dimension door away but the human wizard countered the spell. The goliath wizard used his new scroll of cone of cold to great effect, hitting two of the dragons. The party took out the stunned dragon before it could accomplish much, as it died the body rotted rapidly into a soup. The other dragons flew around biting at people and trying to line up shots for their acid breath. the party worked together to help up any of their group that fell. The necromancer went next, he attempted to take himself out but failed when the human wizard countered his fireball. One of the dragons did blast the necromancer and the heroes with its acid breath in its attempt at vengeance. The necromancer died at the hands of the party, and faded into dust. The dragons did not last much longer. 

The party explored the chambers, finding the chute in the ceiling, some tables with empty vials and surgery equipment, as well as a ledge that could allow a flying or climbing creature to bypass a wall. They rested a bit and prepared for their return journey when they heard noises by the entrance. They saw two cloaked trolls with blazing red eyes, they looked angry. The human wizard shot one of them with magic missiles and the monk closed in on it. The other troll moved into range with the rest of the party and cast cone of cold, striking all of them except the speedy monk that just ran away. The combat ensued viciously, a few of the party fell unconscious but were saved by their allies. The troll by the monk fell victim to her stunning fist and ended up pummeled by everything. The other troll was greatly outnumbered and also fell. The party looted them, finding potions on one and broken glass on the other, thanks to the shatter spell of the bard. They survived their dragon encounter, fought as a swarm, and might have defeated a foe they met in session one, if that was really him.

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