Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 14!

The party received a new mission from the cat folk nobility. The son of one of the nobles was apprehended while drunk in the giant lands and the giants are going to ransom him back to the family. The party have been hired to take the payment to the giants and bring the wayward noble home. Our group consisted of the centaur barbarian, half orc barbarian, cat folk rogue/barbarian, blood hunter cat folk, crow ranger, goliath wizard, satyr bard, harpy rogue, cat folk ranger, and lizard folk druid. A few had skill sets that would help with the mission at hand, others had quite the opposite. The meeting place was a little way into the giant territory in an old fortress that had been burned down during a past struggle. The party saw the giants arriving at the same time they were. The stealth team moved into position, the harpy’s hindered the group in sneaking so they could hear but not see what was transpiring inside. The giants, two hill giants and a fire giant with a cat folk over his shoulder, were waiting inside while the rest of the party piled into the ruined structure. Goods were traded, the gems were of good quality and the first hill giant kept calling out “one, one, one” not having the greatest skill when it came to numbers. The fire giant took over and tossed the cat noble to the centaur while assessing the amount given. The noble was excited to be going home. 

The parties of characters and giants both made to leave when a loud roaring and bleating filled the air. Two Chimera descended from the sky and attacked. One of the beasts hit a large swath of the party with flames and the other hit the giants. Battle was had! The chimera stood up to the party’s barrage off attacks well, only causing a bit of strife. The bard sent the noble away with his misty step ability as well as granting him movement with his inspired effect, the noble was fine till he fell down that hole. The giants were going to tactically remove themselves from the battle field but the barbarian squad called out that the giants were cowards. Both the harpy and the half orc barbarian antagonized the fire giant, the thieves wanted to steal the gems back and the barbarian wanted to fight it. the wizard attempted to calm the fire giant and was successful, the giant telling him to “discipline the whelp” referring to the half orc after he tossed a javelin at the giant. The party realized they dodged a very dangerous encounter went to gather their charge and found the noble in a hole in the ground. The centaur and harpy investigated, finding the floor of the cavern covered in bones, which started shifting either as if something was living under them or the bones themselves were animate. They quickly exited the hole. The bard sent his unseen servant with some bacon down into the hole and watched as the bones over took it trying to take the bacon. The party decided to leave well enough alone and rest, eventually starting their journey back to town, the wizard chastising the half orc barbarian the whole way. 

On the road they saw a strange clucking old woman carving symbols into the ground with a stick. The party held back their bashers while trying to see what she was up to from a distance. They realized the green hag was carving arcane runes in the dirt and before the party got all the way two her she finished her odd incantations and two Annis Hags appeared, one grappling the centaur, the other appearing close to the rear guard. The rear guard scattered and the hag used its nose to find the practically invisible crow ranger, she used her crushing hug to great effect on him. the centaur also took massive damage from a hug. The group made quick work of the hags, the catfolk ranger almost fell in the battle, suffering two critical hits in the same round from an annis hag. The centaur killed the hag grappling her, shocking it to death and causing the energy to burst out from within. The barbarians teamed up on the green hag, the half orc splitting her skull in two pieces and the hag burst into flying bugs. The wizard dropped a fireball on the last one, incinerating the remains instantly. The party was left winded from the hags, found their again hiding charge, and returned him to his family. The party received one hundred gold worth of gems for their troubles. They also gained a new level, reaching 7th level.

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