Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 16!

Our session started with secrets. The Raven ranger and I explored his fate and if the party ever finds him, we can sort things out then. We had a reasonable number of players tonight, we had Stone the war forged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Jewel the cat folk warlock, Mai the satyr glamor bard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler rogue, and Red the blood hunter cat folk. The party was hired by Keyhaw, a traveling satyr folk hero, to go deal with this upstart satyr king figure people had been talking about. It seems he had raised an army of displeased fey and monsters and was planning to attack Godmoot, the city under the party’s protection, and where they live. Keyhaw gave them a route up the mountain where the party could negate most of the army and either ask the satyr king to leave Godmoot alone, or exterminate him. They set off up the mountain, watching for ambushes along the way. They saw strange glowing fey flitting about on the periphery, strange out of season gourds and fruit on parts of the path, and strange drawings etched into the rocks that seemed to watch them as they traveled up the mountain. 

Their first contact with the enemy was Red spotting three large dogs covered in flames. They were a decent distance from the group and only he could see them. So he shot them. Three oversized hell hounds noticed the party and attacked. The group made quick work of them and none were able to sound an alarm, only suffering from a few flame blasts along the way. They gathered their team and headed further up the mountain. 

Jewel sent her familiar ahead and it noticed two floating skulls, dripping with putrid chunks of flesh and leaving a trail where they flew. The creatures had four eyes, each switching to a different color in sync with the other. Tiny, the familiar, heard the skulls talking about guard duty and laughing in Abyssal and reported back to the party. The monsters suffered a surprise attack, loosing a few rounds to careful planning of the party and Mai using hypnotic pattern to remove the skulls from the battle. The party ganged up on one skull and were planning to take them out one at a time. They attacked the closer one first, taking turns dealing massive damage but another skull rose from the ground and headbutted one of the stunned ones. The group was suddenly dealing with three angry skull monsters with eye beams. The first victim was Jewel, she was hit with a enervating ray taking over a quarter of her health in damage. The next was Kadence, she was paralyzed by one eye beam and hit with a disintegration beam by the other. The tables had turned. The group worked together, Kiva attacking from a hidden position and fleeing after striking, Red launching powerful elemental arrows into the enemies, Stone dropping a fireball on top of the skulls and hasting the centaur, Kadence using three attacks a turn to slice up each and every one of the skull bastards, Mai changed the battlefield to give more advantageous positions to the party, and Jewel pushed the skulls further and further away from the party, keeping them at bay. Eventually the skulls died and the party rested for a bit, Mai granting everyone temporary hit points before they took their breather. 

The group made their way to the top of the mountain and saw a large satyr shaped figure with an iron helm sitting on a metal throne with a huge muscular serpent man bodyguard. Mai attempted to bard the Satyr King and found him unyielding in his position, Mai was offered blood looking wine, in keeping with tradition. Mai threw the first glass’s contents over his shoulder, hitting a frail satyr with runes across his body in the face with the blood, and noticed another frail satyr behind the throne. The Satyr King did not take kindly to this and nodded to his bodyguard. Combat was joined and the party got to see what the body guard could do, they focused all their firepower on him, Stone dropping a fireball on the duo and the minions, causing no damage to the Satyr King, frying one of his henchmen, and scorching the serpent. Kiva ran in and stabbed the serpent, which followed her and slammed in with three scimitar attacks, causing he to lose most of her hit points. Mai was attacked by the Satyr King, who lashed out with a tail attack and two stabs with an iron pitchfork summoned from the ether. The remaining henchmen ran up and poked Mai for one damage. The focus of the party became dropping everything into the snake, and it eventually fell to the onslaught of Kadence, hasted again and swinging with three attacks a round. The Satyr King looked at the party, said well done, and teleported away leaving the party nursing plenty of wounds and more questions. Keyhaw showed up to give the group some money for their troubles and the night ended.

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