Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 15!

Recently strange figures have been seen digging plots across the countryside. Tonight was no different. The party traveled to a strange graveyard they had seen many weeks back and found a fire giant and his allies digging in the graveyard. The party consisted of the goliath wizard, half-orc barbarian, harpy swashbuckler, cat folk ranger, lizard folk druid, satyr bard, cat folk rogue/barbarian, centaur barbarian, raven folk ranger, cat folk blood hunter, and cat folk warlock. The stealth team of raven folk ranger, harpy swashbuckler, cat folk blood hunter, and cat folk barbarian broke off the main force and snuck their way into a position to see the giants better, noticing the fire giant leader, his two fire ogre minions, and a strange huge cloaked figure. The rest of the party grouped together in the shadow of the ruins and waited for a signal. Before they attacked they heard a voice telling the giants they were close to finding him, which did not make sense. 

The raven opened fire and hit the cloaked figure a few times, and combat began. Over the combat the cloaked fomorian giant became prone thanks to the bard’s quick use of command and the fire giant was sent elsewhere by the wizard. As the party tore into the remaining ogres and the prone giant they heard the voice call out again and the ground shook, releasing foul clouds of harmful vapors into the air. The party avoided most of the damage but the casters focusing on their spells lost them. The giant ran over to the wizard that had banished him and with two swift strikes knocked him unconscious. The tide started to turn towards the monsters again, but the gravity of the situation was complicated by the bard making the fire giant fall over laughing and a wave of water from the druid knocking foes prone. The barbarians grouped up on foes, trying to slay them as quickly as possible. The party was also surprised to find that fire ogres explode when killed, they had been seeing flames in their blood and were able to put two and two together right before the first one popped. The harpy dive bombed the fire giant when it got back up and afterwards fled into the sky, only to get attacked by an undead fire dragon. They killed the fire dragon and were able to bring down the fire giant while it ran towards the hole they had been digging. 

As it died its sword fell into the hole and a crack was heard. Foul tendrils of dark magic pulled out of the hole and latched on to the dead giant. The party laid into him more damage hoping to stop whatever was happening as well as chugging magic healing potions, knowing whatever happened next might be rough. The centaur stole his sword, dragging it across the battle field. The giant stood up, flesh falling from its face and arms. It blasted the raven with lightning which arced into the cat folk barbarian/rogue as well. The giant reached for the sarcophagus and started lifting it out from the hole in the ground but was knocked back down with magic, falling prone and dropping the raven into the pit. The group piled up more hits on him and the warlock lobbed a fireball onto the giant, which was immune to fire damage, and burned the cat barbarian/rogue as well as the raven. When the giant was able to act he grabbed the sarcophagus again and teleported away, the raven had been holding on as well, and now is where ever the giant ended up. The rest of the party looked for loot, and found nothing but broken stone, the giants huge sized great sword, and questions.

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