Sunday, December 2, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 19

The party of Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the artificer harpy, Stone the warforged war wizard, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Limbsmasher the goliath wizard, Kiva the harpy swashbuckler, Keeper the Druid, Awesome Bro the other harpy rogue, Mai the satyr bard, Drixel the cat folk barbarian rogue, the gnome druid, and Kroska the turtle person life cleric set about making camp for the night. Kadence and the familiar Tiny took first watch when Kadence noticed movement and the sounds of digging coming from near their camp. She came across a black scaled dragon, emaciated and undead digging among the dead trees. She backed away and her hooves scuffed a rock, causing the undead dragon to notice the group.

Combat was initiated and the party was quick to move against the dragon, throwing spells and attacks its way. The beast called out, howling to unseen allies and followed with a blast of acid breath, hitting a few of the party members. Then the gnome cast call lightning and blasted the dragon often, Jewell used her eldritch blasts to move the dragon around the battlefield, Yucatrill got off a few good shots from his thunder cannon, Kroska was able to bring a few of his allies back from terrible wounds, Limbsmasher dropped some walls of fire and fireballs on the dragon, Keeper attempted to faire fire the dragon but it leapt out of the way, Awesome Bro shot a few arrows from a relatively safe distance, Kadence got up real close to the dragon, Kiva got closer to the dragon holding her attack, Stone hasted Kiva, Mai cast polymorph on Kiva turning her into a tyrannosaurus and used his inspiration to send Kiva to the dragon flailing with multiple attacks, and Drixel ran up and stabbed at the dragon.

The dragon, having taken some grievous blows fought back, eventually took wing and knocked a few of the party prone and flew off. A second dragon appeared with a rider, a deathlock. The two of them laid into the party with breath attacks and attempted spells, Stone using counterspell to great effect. The first dragon eventually fell to the combined attacks of the party and the rider of the second dragon was forced to laugh at a bad joke. The dragon recognized its master was unhinged and fled from its attackers. Around this time the party heard odd splashes from the distance and a large breaking of dead trees. A long dead kraken was pulling its way out of the water by using the trees. It got near the party and unleashed a long line of lightning, catching a few unaware. Kiva attempted to run from the kraken but was grabbed by its tentacle and slammed on the ground.

The party attacked the kraken and finished off the dragon, its rider had regained composure and teleported away. The kraken was forced to flee, having fallen victim to a bard and the party swung but barely scratched its hide. Kiva was slammed again and was placed inside the kraken’s mouth, its undead beak bruising her frail form. The party came up with numerous plans while blasting the kraken, the gnome fled, leaving a fog cloud behind, having had enough of this drama. Kiva was able to escape the beak and stab the kraken, fleeing after the wound was dealt. She made it to her companions, who set forth more magic against the beast and got into better tactical positions. Kiva, Keeper, and Kroska all happened to be standing in a line and the kraken seized the opportunity, blasting its last line of lighting before it moved up to Stone. Limbsmasher threw a wall of fire on the kraken and Kadence finished the job. The party took a deep breath, healed each other back from certain death, and rested in a tiny magical hut, hopefully to be safe for the rest of the night. 

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