Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 20!!

In the morning the party found themselves at the entrance of the ruined city at the base of a mountain with a stranger in front of them. The party consisted of Astra the changeling wizard of invention, Drixel the barbarian rogue, Carrososa the turtle life cleric, Japachi the lizark folk druid, Chance the cat folk ranger, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Stone the warmage warforged, Keeper the Aasimir druid, Braa formerly known as Awesome Bro the harpy rogue, Kiva harpy swashbuckler, and Mai the satyr bard. The group did their usual preliminary questions to make sure Astra was not evil or out to kill them. 

Meanwhile inside the giant adamantine pyramid Striker the raven folk ranger noticed light for the first time in a while, his unknowing jailer gave away plot details revealing mega plots. Striker took this moment to escape from the pyramid and make his way across the city proper. The rest of the group with new friend Astra could hear and see strange large sized figures patrolling inside the city, the new stealth crew flew up to investigate while Astra walked over to see if they were friendly. She quickly found out that the grave elementals were indeed not friendly but evil skull filled dirt monsters. 

The party took quick action as six of these creatures charged the front line at the gates. Astra started the fray with a quick fire bolt and hiding around the corner, Drixel moved up closer to the pack, trying to divert the monsters from hitting squishy opponents, Carrososa used guiding bolt to highlight one of the elementals, Japachi used her calling card spell MOON BEAM, Chance tore into the guided monster with two arrows, and then the elemental swarm moved, throwing wild punches in the parties direction as well as a few ranged skull attacks as well. Kadence swung in, charging one of the leading elementals, Stone used fire bolt, Keeper cast fairy fire (the play of the game) granting all of his allies advantage on all attacks against the elementals, Braa used his short bow to greatly hamper one of the elementals with a well placed shot, Kiva ran up to one of the elementals and held her attack, and Mia turned Kiva into a dinosaur again, triggering Kiva’s attack on the elementals. The first round was tricky but quicker than normal. 

The melee devolved into area of effect spells and spiritual guardians sealing the fates of elementals that tried to pursue foes on the map as well as stationary problems. Astra misty stepped away from the melee to try and light up a wall of fire but went with a fire bolt instead. The elementals got in a few good hits on the party while getting battered with multiple barbarians, dinosaur attacks, and divine energy thwapping upside their skulls. There was a moment where Stone was casting haste and a deathlock came out of hiding to attempt to counter spell it but failed so very badly, the spell went off and the dinosaur was much faster. The undead fled with magic. After a few round the elementals were broken and Striker, the wayward ranger ambled back up to the group. He animatedly pantomimed to Mai that there is a three headed skull man with a dragon. The party was unphased and prepared themselves to raid the pyramid, they first had to cross the rest of the city but at least they knew what they might be facing. 

They healed up a bit while they walked. At the giant crack in the mountain the group saw two more of the deathlocks in the opening on guard duty. They looked bored out in the sunlight. Astra used wall of fire and started roasting the undead, which took their turn to get out of the flames. The party descended on the deathlocks like starving hounds. The undead were able to dismiss the magical dinosaur in the room and restrain her with unholy energy and get off a few other blasts of blight and eldritch blast but eventually were both picked up and held in the wall of fire by the barbarians. Screams of pain echoed across the dead city and through the flames, bouncing off of beautiful black marble floors and walls of the adamantine pyramid. Victorious, the party gathered up and made ready to enter the tomb of Mordel. 

With two sessions left, what awaits our heroes?

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