Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 21!

Deep within the lair of Mordel the party of many made their way through fifty-foot-tall and wide hallways, sized possibly for titans, to their first goal, the library. Astra the changeling wizard of invention, Drixel the barbarian rogue, Carrososa the turtle life cleric, Japachi the lizard folk druid, Chance the cat folk ranger, Jewell the cat folk warlock, Yucatrill the artificer harpy, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Striker the Kenku sniper, Stone the warmage warforged, and Mai the satyr bard crept through the pyramid. Striker was able to lead the group through most of the pyramid easily, having been until very recently trapped within its cold confines. The party noted what appeared to be wing marks on the walls and eventually found themselves at a rusted iron door. Drixel greased the hinge and the party was able to crack the door a bit, getting hit by a humid breeze from within. The once great library had been waterlogged, once great tomes made way for fungal growth. The walls and shelves were hidden by fungus and both large and small mushrooms. Within they found a strange mushroom man with a watering can dampening the mushrooms in the area. 

Mai approached him after calling out and getting no response and felt a shortness of breath and could see strange motes of energy floating around the camber. The rest of the party watched as Mai stood still and locked eyes with the creature, not knowing that Mai had just told the thing that they were there to kill Mordel, the spore telepathy made no sound of course. They watched in horror as two thirty-foot-tall mushroom creatures came out of the shelves and the strange little mushroom man started banging around his watering can, which clanged loudly with an alarm. Battle began with Striker landing three arrows critically into the mushroom man and the rest of the party rushing in and fighting the other two larger ones. Mai silenced the mushroom man’s watering can. Numerous party members hung out in the hall and started to detect far off boot steps and entered the library, throwing magical spells and arrows at the stomping giant mushrooms and their smaller friend. Red was able to fire off a few shots, the echoes of the blast traveled much further into the complex, Jewell was able to hit with her eldritch blasts, moving the creatures around the field. Carrososa used his spirit guardians to tear apart the mushrooms as well. Japachi was able to use her flame blade to cut into the mushrooms and Chance landed a few arrows into the monsters. As the flames were stopping the mushrooms from growing bigger, Astra investigated the one book shelf that seemed to have nothing growing on top of it. She found a strange little preserved study with a tome bound in what seemed to be pale elf flesh. The Tome of Mordel gave the party insight into the life of this strange undead wizard and his three brothers. The group eventually killed off the three mushrooms and burning the remains trying to keep the mushrooms from growing back, there seemed to be some kind of magical energy watering this room as well as growing more guardians. The group closed the library door and hid within a tiny hut of magical energy, Astra changing her shape to look like the mushroom man and grabbing his watering can. 

A greeting was shouted from outside the door, then a knocking, and eventually the door was opened by a familiar looking satyr storyteller. Keyhaw and two animated scarecrows wearing large oversized boots with loose bones tied to their bodies entered the room and addressed the mage turned mushroom man by making eye contact and straining his face. When he realized that the mushroom man could not hear him, he addressed the mage vocally, stating he was here as a friend. The party realized he was there and a few members came out of the hut to greet him. They all rested and recovered from the battle and were able to regain their health and spells. After their rest they caught up with Keyhaw and noticed there was a massive mushroom growing in the back forgotten corner, larger than any the group had seen before. After debating the merits of popping it they decided to leave and never come back to this chamber. 

They made their way carefully to the prison area and saw the room was guarded by four horned devils and within one of the cages they could make out a passed-out form of a large white skinned and winged creature. The party waited outside the chamber while Mai cast the tiny hut spell. As the spell was finished Kadence was polymorphed into a t-rex and charged the horned devils, taking them by surprise. Drixel charged in as well attempting to make his way to the caged figure and stabbing the devils on the way, he took a few hits and was viciously bleeding. The rest of the group sat safely in the hut, stepping out to attack and disappearing back into the enclosure. Japachi sent out a moon beam as well, causing the devils an almost constant damage. The devils hit hard and the party watched as Kadence rex was losing more blood than was reasonable from the hits she was taking. Keyhaw ran out and healed both Kadence and Drixel, ending their bleeding. The group focused down, wiping out the devils before anyone else could get magically cursed wounds. After the combat they found the angel creature in the cage. They attempted to open it and set off the trap, taking minor fire damage. The angel was alive but unconscious and they pumped some healing and good berries into it. The angel thanked them and summoned a blade from nothing, seeking vengeance against Mordel for the torture they had endured while stuck in this prison. The party was split between stealing the rest of the angel bones in the other cages or leaving them, so Carrososa blessed the ground and laid them to rest. 

The angel, Keyhaw, and the group made their way to the barracks. Keyhaw gave everyone some candy that restored their health and spells as they snuck across the pyramid. They found wide open doors leading to a massive chamber with large shelves on the walls stacked with bones and the dead. In the center of the room were several battalions of skeletons wearing ancient armor. The few of the party decided after seeing around a thousand skeletons in the chamber, sending up a fire wall and expecting the skeletons to run into it. They heard orders barked out in an ancient dialect and moments later a hail of arced arrows rained down on the party, wounding all except Kiva, the swashbuckler that finally had caught up to them. The party took out around ten of the skeletons and decided to run away, hearing more of the ancient words and more arrows came down around them. They exited the chamber from the door they entered and Mai used another tiny hut spell to secure the door, using an ancient fey trick of leaving blood and a miniature version of the caster within the structure and the group ran off to the deep dig site, leaving what they hoped was the final chamber, the throne room for last.

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