Monday, June 11, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons! Part 3!

The party was given a new mission after their success below Rhadamanthus, to retrieve a certain magic item from the Narhold Lethe forest. The item was from a crashed Halkin transport ship that fell only two days beforehand. The party got teleported within the forest just south of the old elven city. The party found a group of elven cultists tearing teeth out of dead wilderen. The party engaged them with swords and spells. They took the collected teeth the strange elves had taken and traveled west and found a bridge defended by a massive sword filled troll. They gave him a bag of teeth taken from the cultists as toll for using his bridge. They found the interaction strange and later wanted to go back and fight the massive troll. They made their way to the ship first and found it broken in half and a group of satyrs working on pulling things from the wreckage. The ship had massive claw marks cut into the hull. They interrupted the process with fire and shattering sound. The druid beast shaped into an ape and lobbed rocks at the satyrs he had trapped in entangle and the bard collective bombarded the satyr with shatter effects, ruining his magic implement. When the satyr went to attack the parry his implement, an orb of glass, exploded with wild magic causing the entire ship to disappear. He went running and the ranger was able to take him out. the party gathered the bodies and noted they were all missing teeth, just like the elves from earlier and were able to locate the magic item in question, a golem with space for a small sized character to act as pilot. All the instructions were in Gnomish so the new gnome bard was able to drive it and order it to move about the forest. The party received reinforcement from their guild as well as a letter telling them to watch out for the cultists and bring the golem to Gildtower, the ranger training site near the western border as soon as possible. One of the satyrs survived and the party interrogated him on the tooth cult. He explained he and his brethren worked for Lon Lethen, an elvish tooth fairy beast of legend. Party decided to go back to the bridge to attack the giant troll and found two smaller trolls guarding the bridge. As battle commenced the cleric jumped off the bridge, having cast water walk on the party before approaching. As he ran to the shore he noticed large bubbles in the water and was able to jump away from a shark like attack from a submerged troll. The druid summoned effectively a wolf swarm and besieged the bridge. Four trolls died that day. The party went off, looking for the trail of the larger troll and rested for the night after a bard found an old mining cave. The party discussed the future at length and decided to see if the wilderen would help them kill off the trolls. As they discussed options they heard the sounds of what was identified as a wyvern, and later they saw a large fur covered creature being carried off by a flying monster. They stayed closer together and tried to stay under the cover of trees while working their way to the elvish city. On the road they found a group of wilderen and a strange beautiful elf marching the same way they were going and through odd negotiations and information hurdles gained a guide through the forest while the rest of the wilderen and the elf went back to the city. The party realized the wilderen had offered them elf jerky, interrogated him about his leaders, and decided to have him lead them across a safe river path as well as the area near Gildtower. The party crossed a sturdy vine bridge and needed to rest. The warforged and the elf ranger kept watch and both were surprised to find a large emaciated black robed deer skull headed figure standing in their firepit shifting teeth in his hands. He informed them they were not permitted to stay in his forest and they should pay him a weir guild for killing his minions. The party gained he was Lon Lethen, he wanted them to toss teeth they found under bridges, and they were being watched by him. He stopped time to have this conversation, making the sun stop rising above the distant mountains. The party was stunned as he teleported or popped away. They quickly ran out of the forest and made their way to Gildtower, met their contact, a halfling named Wade. They escorted him back to town and fought a group of bandits, their ogre, and after were attacked by a wyvern. The fight went quickly, the wyvern did not anticipate the wave of murder that was the party.

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