Monday, June 11, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons! Part 5

The next mission the party was assigned was taking a foreign merchant noble around town to see a play as well as visit the arena. The party was curious about her stony companions, but did not press the issue. They made a protective wedge around her and escorted her through the streets towards the theater and were stopped by a sudden hydra, summoned from an item and set against them. They dispatched it with dispelling magic and went after the summoners finding they were chasing human looking children. After pinning one with a section of fence they realized they were Ogre mages and an epic battle began. They put one to sleep not realizing there were more on the rooftops. After a few heated rounds of battle the ogres tried to escape as gaseous clouds but did not get far. The party was able to defeat them and while the bulk of the group examined the bodies the necromancer attempted to kill two random passersby and found himself face to face with two fellow guild members of a much higher ranking. Gerald absorbed the chill touch the necromancer tried to use on him and Ketland mentioned they were looking for a thief. The necromancer ran off and rejoined the group. The party exited the alley and took their charge to the theatre to see a local production. After the play they found the thief their friends were looking for, used a horse like a ramp, and destroyed the thief. The party was joined by their bard friend and a new elf fighter that had come from the Faulty Portal and traveled into the market place on their way to the Arena of Bitka to watch a fight. On the way they were assaulted by brains with legs that jumped out of pots and vacant faced townsfolk approached the party and started attacking. The townsfolk had brain monsters inside of them and the party struggled to defeat them after losing both after the cleric and paladin were removed from the fight by the monsters. Baroness Stone was able to fix them after the battle. The bards also talked with the shop keep that owned the pottery shop that they had ruined with multiple castings of shatter, finding out that two ashen skin figures had clubbed him and he woke up when the bards shook him. He was sad his work was ruined but the elf gave him his saddlebags and the party attempted to mend the damage, but ended up giving him gold to make new wares. They made their way to the arena and watched as Robank’s Avengers competed against the Herd within the sporting maze, an event made to test teams to their limits within a magically altered dungeon experience. They placed bets on the contenders and a few won money on Robank’s Avengers. They watched the Herd, a anthropomorphic monkey man, summon elemental creatures and swarms of animals, eventually falling victim to a pit of mimics. The party took their earnings, their charge, and their won horses to the Faulty Portal to rest up and have a few drinks. They noticed a duck arguing with a wizard inside a giant force cage, and after a bit of snooping found out it was in fact a demon with a duck tattoo. They had drinks with the Baroness as well as the victorious team and talked with a wizard for a bit too. While having shots of blinding whiskey they were attacked by assassins attempting to remove the Baroness and were soundly destroyed by the pile of heroes in the area. They bid her farewell the next morning and now prepare for their first bout in the Sporting Maze.

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