Monday, June 11, 2018

Untamed Wilds session 1

June  6th of 2018, We started a new campaign at the game store with many of the same players as my last game store game. The game was taking place on an island controlled by a forest giant goddess that sends adventurers on missions to protect the realm from threats from outside. I described the game to them as Thundercats meets Narnia and gave them a tiny bit of information months back before we finished the last campaign. I let them choose from Goliaths, satyrs (eladrin elf stats), centaur, minotaur, cat folk, lizard folk, harpy, and crow folk. The island has a very Greek mythological feel to it as well, many familiar monsters will make appearances. The group made a chat group online and has discussed what they wanted to play, and I kept myself in the dark. When we gathered for the first session I was surprised by our grouping of adventurers. Our party constisted of Gilderos the satyr paladin, Mai the satyr bard, Red the cat folk bloodhunter, Bodi the cat folk monk, Chance the cat folk ranger, Jewell the cat folk warlock, Kadence the centaur barbarian, Striker the crow ranger, Kapesk the lizard folk swashbuckler, and Japachi the lizard folk druid. 

The party gathered in the town of Godmoot to find out strange things were happening in the northlands in a small minotaur fishing village. On the first night of their journey they met a strange albino satyr named Keyhaw, he was a traveling storyteller one of the other satyrs had heard about in legends. He gave them background and rumors about the world and asked a few stories from them as well. In the morning he left, thanking them for the use of their fire and company, and the party headed north. They found two gnolls, strange bipedal hyena men, guarding what looked like a hole in the ground. Bodi monk attempted to conversation with them and when that went sour the military strike team of a group backed him up and destroyed the two gnolls and investigated the ground hole. The entire party climbed down the earthen ladder inside and found a recently killed cow, a few pale fleshy hairless “humans”, and a hatching pile of eggs within the cow. As they attempted to break the eggs they heard muffled screaming from the next chamber as well and saw a few pink bodies being pulled apart by small reptilian crab creatures. The party fought them off and freed the two-remaining pink “men”, arming one with a knife and the other started healing the party. The two “men” did not share a language with the party so they were pantomiming with them to figure out what was going on. They killed seventeen of the odd monsters and three escaped into the walls, digging their way to the surface. 

Mai the satyr bard used his fey power to return outside without having to climb and found a black furred satyr and four gnolls with a huge reptilian wolf creature up top. The black furred satyr had a stone whistle in his mouth and the remaining crab monsters climbed onto his outstretched arm. He asked what happened to the rest and the bard tried to deceive him, poorly. He fell victim to a holding spell and the party came up from the hole and attacked their new foes. The Kapesk the swashbuckler stabbed the black furred satyr in the chest with a sword so as a rebuttal the black furred satyr casually tossed a dagger into the lizard folk’s neck, knocking him out, and faded from view. The gnolls attacked and one of them ran the now dying lizard folk through the gut with his spear, the rest of the party flew to his defense, Bodi the monk also getting knocked out. Tactics mode kicked in as the group attempted to save their friends and slay their foes, the Japachi spraying poison onto a few of the attackers, ruining future attacks for them. The day was won and the healer ally helped fix the many wounds on the group, ensuring his own safety. They raided the gnolls both outside and down in the hole, where the other ones had fallen finding many spears and armor, which the “men” took as armor to hide their almost nakedness. The group survived first level and will arrive at their destination next session.

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