Monday, June 11, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons! Part 4!

The party rested between adventures and were quickly summoned to help a friend of Robank defend his keep against an army of goblins. The party took supplies with them in their new Tower Artifact emblazed satchels and helped repair the keep between the attacks. The group was sent to help and hold off the army until the full army of Rhadamanthus could bring its might down upon the goblins. The group sent out scouts to appraise the army of goblin creatures and ended up tripping over a giant in the woods. The scouts returned to the keep and preparations were finalized. Horns blared and goblins came charging at the keep. Hobgoblins and bugbears along with their leader, a massive bugbear named Rindmaw, lined up and started their attack as well. As the party was watching the approaching army two giants snuck from the forest under the spell of invisibility and attacked the wall by throwing rocks and sweeping their arms across the battlements. They were supported by two young red dragons, which also did not last long against the might of the party. The party dealt with the attacking forces quickly and were able to send them into a retreat as the Rhadamanthas advance force came in from the east. The party was mostly unscathed and rested well after returning to town.
After a few days of rest, the party awoke to find themselves within a giant chamber full of a ticking sound and noticed they were on a giant clock face. As they investigated their odd surroundings they noticed a mechanical kobold making a tiny gearwork. The gearwork kobold told them his master was sleeping does not like visitors not made of gears, so they would have to find three artifacts to keep him asleep. The first artifact was an amulet hidden behind the great gap, a chamber with moving ledges and archers that attacked the party. The druid was almost bisected when he fell off a ledge and it pinned him between the wall. It took half the party to remove the amulet from the giant metal cube it was stuck on. The party made their way to the second room which contained a large iron cube that contained the second part and was activated by using the magnetic properties of the first amulet. The third room contained a massive metal worm constructed of gears and plates. The party made their presence known before trying to solve the puzzle and fought the beast, getting sprayed with metal gears and fire. Once they killed it, they made their way across the room using the tools supplied, finding a small chunk of magnetic skull bone. They combined the talismans to make a strong amulet that when placed on the master’s chest should put him back to sleep. The party grew concerned that the kobold would betray them, which would have been awesome, but he was just super helpful. The party found his master in a stasis tube, which grew steampunk spider legs and began attacking the party. Using the strength of a mammoth the druid ruined the master’s day and they were able to use the amulet to put him back to sleep. They were sad the kobold could not come with them back to the city.

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