Saturday, June 23, 2018

Untamed Wilds Session 3

Continuing the adventure with the gnoll pirates in Northpoint, the satyr paladin, satyr bard, catfolk warlock, and catfolk bloodhunter stayed behind with Phil, their human hench-person to help the minotaur militia deal with undead gnoll that came pouring into the town from the ocean while the rest of the party made their way down the docks to deal with the pirate queen and her forces. The lizard folk rogue fighter, centaur barbarian, raven person ranger, catfolk ranger, lizard folk druid, catfolk monk, and Ki-el their human healer were joined by a gnome barbarian in laying waste to the forces of the pirate queen Jazina. They charged across the docks and saw her ship, the Wasted Wyrm attempting to fix its damaged mast, two archers set up watching for interlopers, a large gnoll and two smaller ones on the dock waiting for instructions from their boss. As the party charged forward the lizard folk fighter noticed something pass him in the water as he was swimming and the water became pitch black. He made his way onto the dock and was followed by a massive tentacle, which grabbed him and slammed him near his friends. The party could hear odd flute sounds coming from the ship but could not see the source. At this point a second tentacle rose from the water on the other side of the dock, changing the party’s priorities from charging ahead to dealing with whatever this monster was. The lizard woman druid sending vine whips and poison sprays to deter the tentacles as well as the large gnoll. The raven ranger took aim and started picking off the archers while the large gnoll and one of the normal ones ran off to face the party. The tentacles thrashed about attempting to knock anyone within reach into the water but were quickly dealt grievous blows, and they retreated into the water the party rejoiced until the pitch of the flute changed and a terrible keening scream could be heard from the fog covered town. A dark shape flew from the fog and dove into the water. The party could not make out its form, arrows shot down from the ship and the centaur was struck with a ballista bolt from the battle-ready ship of gnolls. The group dealt with the large gnoll and as he fell an oddly scarred and sewn poorly white dragon pulled itself from the water, its scales darkened and bruised and the stitching in odd arcane pattern across its form. It opened its jaws and caught half the party in a cone of freezing cold. The team gang piled the dragon eventually cutting it in half and sending it to the deep. More gnoll jumped off the ship and the mysterious flute player could be seen, a pale white skinned tiefling pirate woman with icy blue runes dancing across her skin. The lizardman fighter shot at her and as the arrow went wide a large armored gnoll with a tall shield attempted to block it, interposing himself in front of his master. The party dealt with the other minions and eventually were able to board the boat and face down the large armored gnoll and Jazina, the raven ranger scoring a deep blow with an arrow to her chest, causing her to blast the ranger with fire, knocking him out of the battle. The gnoll was quickly overwhelmed and cut down, two well placed blows from the monk breaking its spine, and Jazina fell when she attempted to escape from the centaur and lizardman fighter and was cut in half, and then had her neck bit out by the lizardman. The party investigated the ship finding Jazina’s quarters, fifty minotaur strapped to oars, quite a good deal of ale and spirits, and a wealth of sailing supplies. In Jazina’s quarters they found a large bed, a desk, and a small golden monkey skull. The lizardman fighter found the room was oddly designed to detach from the ship but was unable to find out how. The catfolk ranger found a journal and realized that the writer, presumably Jazina, was writing to another Jazina about the new-found alliances with the hobgoblins and the serpent men pirates and the two other ships had left earlier with an equal amount of minotaur slaves. It further mentioned they would be heading to the rendezvous point and from there to the Witch’s Head. They found the Witch’s Head on a map and realized it was perfectly between the three islands. The party is now faced with a choice, they can return home to Godmoot to see what their goddess and the elders want them to do next or take this ship and sail out to save the other minotaur from unknown fates. There are other options as well but for now they feast their victory with the freed minotaur. The party is now level three. 

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